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Drama Therapy in Barcelona

Where to try Drama Therapy in Barcelona
Written by Paula

Drama Therapy, known is Spanish as “Teatro Terapia”, is the use of theatre techniques in order to promote mental health and personal growth. This method is used in a variety of institutions such as hospitals, mental health centers, schools, prisons and businesses.

drama therapy BarcelonaDrama Therapy is a highly active and experiential method, a form of “expressive therapy” that helps patients to tell their stories, express their feelings, set goals, solve problems and even achieve catharsis.

The modern use of drama therapy began with Jacob L. Moreno’s development of Psychodrama, a field which later expanded, allowing several forms of theatrical interventions as therapy. Drama Therapy combines aspects from drama, theater, psychology, psychotherapy, anthropology, play, and interactive processes.

Drama Therapy is practiced today in several countries and can be studied in the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Britain, Israel, Spain, and the United States.

If you think Drama Therapy can be a good fit for you, here are some of the centers in Barcelona where you can try it:

Teatro Terapia Gestalt 

Teatro Terapia Gestalt  is dedicated to the practice, the study and the teaching of Dramatic Arts, Scenic Arts, Expressive Arts, Gestalt Therapy and Drama Therapy (Teatro Terapia). The center has been in business for over 10 years, offering a safe space and support for each person to express their true selves.

Teatro Terapia Gestalt is located at Carrer del Secretari Coloma, 16.


Gestual  is a center that offers various forms of theatre therapy and other therapeutic methods such as Family Constelations, Sacret Geometry, Reiki & Gestalt, Theatre Constelations, and individual therapy sesssions with Ció Sagristà . Gestual’s team is comprised by a group of psychologists, psychotherapists, life coaches, actors and directors.

Gestual is located at Carrer de Londres, 54, close to Hospital Clínic.

Teatro y Gestalt 

Teatro y Gestalt  is a teaching center where students can learn about the use of theatre and Gestalt therapy in a combined form.

Teatro y Gestalt is located at Carrer Verdi, 94, part of Institut Gestalt.

Hacer teatro! 

Hacer teatro!  is a theatre association in Barcelona that offers workshops such as theatre workshops, collective creation workshops, and teatroterapia workshops (Drama Therapy workshops).

Hacer Teatro! is located at Carrer d’Ausias Marc, 143.

Escola Gestalt de Catalunya – Espailúdic 

The Espailúdic at Escola Gestalt de Catalnuya offers theatre as a form of emotional, cognitive, relational and body work using Gestalt therapy methods.

Escola Gestalt de Catalunya is located at Carrer Mare de Déu del Coll, 25.  

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