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Where to study acting in Barcelona

Written by Paula

If you are interested in the world of acting, you will be happy to know there are a variety of schools that offer acting classes for youngsters and adults. There are classes available for those who want to begin learning about acting and for those who want to perfect their skills.

Here are some of the schools where you can study acting in Barcelona.

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The Actors Workshop Spain

Photo via Pixabay

Created in 2004, The Actors Workshop Spain is a school that offers acting classes using the Ivana Chubbuk technique. For those who are not familiar with the name, Ivana is one of the most sought-after acting coaches in Los Angeles, having trained actors like Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, and Gerard Butler.

The school offers classes for beginning actors and pro weekly classes which are taught both in English and Spanish but students do need to have at least a basic knowledge of English. The school also offers three different workshops: Introduction to Chubbuck Technique – 2 days intensive workshop, Summer Chubbuck Technique workshop, and The Chubbuck Technique on Tuesdays.

The Actor Workshop Spain is located at Calle Margarit, 27.

New York Film Academy – Barcelona

World-renowned New York Film Academy has opened classes in Barcelona for those who want to study filmmaking or acting.

Their 4-Week Acting for Film Workshop teaches students how to transition from stage acting to screen acting, offering a demanding, hands-on curriculum that will have actor prepared to deal with acting on a set by the end of it. Students will also come out of the workshop with a digital reel of their performances which they can then use to apply to acting jobs.   

Classes will take place at Bonapassa‘s facilities, at  Avda. Diagonal, 640 or  Carrer de Provença, 55.

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Eòlia – Conservatory of Dramatic Arts

Photo via Pixabay

Eòlia offers an eclectic approach to acting, using a number of techniques and styles that are often reevaluated and renewed. Some of those techniques include the Daulte Method, the Estill Voice Training,  and the Fitzmaurice Voicework.

The Conservatory offers undergraduate courses in acting, for those who are beginning their training, and studio training, for those who want to improve their technique and to further their studies. They also offer high school programs and programs for youth and children.

Eòlia – Conservatory of Dramatic Arts is located at Carrer de Casp, 82, in the district of Eixample.

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  • hie my name is Vincent Zviripi I am 18 years old I am interested in acting since my childhood I intend to make acting but i find it hard to finding ar good school I would appreciate if you can help me I am a male with an African descent am tell slim my skin colour is brown in comlexion

  • Hello, I am Badr Hafez. I am 19 years old. I love acting a lot from my childhood. I am from Syria and I am live in Spain Barcelona. I want University for acting

  • Hello. I am Ester Sinanaj. I am 19 years old. I really want to study acting and I want a university for it. I live in Barcelona i would appreciate if you help me

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