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Dress like a local – What to wear this summer in Barcelona

Written by Ella

Barcelona is known for its beautiful beaches and long hot summers. Many will be flocking to the city this summer to enjoy the weather, paella and sangria. A fantastic trifecta that is not to be missed.

Beach DressIf you are planning a trip to Barcelona, you may be contemplating on what you should wear on the hot summer days. The ideal outfit will allow you to be comfortable and cool, also allowing you to blend in, instead of looking like a tourist.

The first rule of summer in Barcelona is no shorts. It is very rare to see women in Barcelona wearing shorts. The ones that do wear them are usually tourists, who often pair them with sneakers. 

So, if not shorts, what should you wear in the summer in Barcelona?

Dresses are a must! Women in Europe tend to dress up, so a lightweight dress is a wardrobe essential for summer in Barcelona. Though it may sound contradictory, black dresses are often used during summer. Check out ZARA for some great finds!

Another essential item is a pair of linen or similar material pants, which can be used with a casual tank top or dressed up with a cute button down for the night.

Temperatures can drop somewhat drastically at night, even during the summer, so make sure to carry a lightweight jacket or sweater.

summer sandalsA great pair of sandals or wedges are the ideal shoe for Barcelona. You will be walking a lot, so be sure they are comfortable. H&M carries a collection of classy and comfortable shoes.

This year’s trends are showing  a lot of neutrals, tans, beiges, and olive greens. Explore Spanish fashion in stores like MANGO.

About the author


Ella recently moved to Barcelona from California. She was born in Plymouth, England but grew up in sunny Southern California. She is an avid writer who loves living in Barcelona.

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  • Thanks for this! So many differing opinions on what women wear – and I certainly don’t want to look like a tourist when I visit this summer – so it’s great to hear from someone who actually lives there.

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