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Real estate market

Construction Companies For Our Casas

Written by Brian S

We know that the House of God called Sagrada Familia has been under construction for 135 years and counting, but luckily our own homes don’t have to be under that duration of work. Any renovation or rebuilding can take several weeks with the right contractors. It is a pain, but it is necessary if a home is getting old and the infrastructure needs upkeeping. With that, here are some good construction businesses that can be hired to help keep your home functioning and pretty.

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Celenia, S.L.

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Photo via Pixabay

CELENIA is a business that works on multiple fronts in the real estate sector. They buy and sell homes, showcase them for rent, and help in building them from scratch or refurbishing them. In its 25 years, they have provided satisfaction for plenty of people who needed all of the above. Their projects have involved villas, chalets, separate homes within a property, and apartments. It can be customized as they have experienced, qualified, and insured contractors who get the right permits from the city to perform whatever construction necessary. At Celenia, they do not take shortcuts and do everything the right way for each residence, as well as businesses like office buildings, hotels, and restaurants.

Abs Serveis Immobilaris

The people at ABS group of professionals are licensed in the Register of Real Estate Agents of Catalonia, as well as the Association of Farm Administrators of Barcelona and Lérida. They help in constructing and renovating properties, as well as assist in mortgages, community administration, tax and home insurance, and improvements to save money in the long term. Along with the experience in helping homeowners, sellers, and buyers, they also have the capability to help expats and citizens from over 15 different countries. Their extensive work to ensure the safe rebuilding and renovation of all homes gives a piece of mind to all clients who need their residence improved to any extent.

Acorn Property Solutions

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Photo via Pixabay

The British-based company opened quarters in Spain a decade ago working in construction and maintenance. Acorn gives a personalized service from a simple refurbishment of the toilet to a complete makeover of the facade of the house. They work with all city regulations and codes to make it an easy construction, working on plumbing, bricklaying, carpentry, landscaping, pool work, and other areas. In addition to construction, they also take part in renting and selling homes and other properties. They are another responsible construction company in Catalonia.

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For those involved in fixing their residence and improving their infrastructure, there are a few companies out there reliable that will follow protocol while giving quality work in the process. Whether it’s keeping an older house or building a new one, it is essential to maintain the prestige of a Catalonia charm to the residence. Locals and expats invest in their beautiful homes and hiring contractors with such experience are necessary.

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