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Where to find parking spaces for rent in Barcelona

Who hasn’t already paid a parking fine in the streets of Barcelona? The city is so popular that it is pretty hard to find a good place to park a car in downtown for a few days or months. It can be so hard to find a place to park in the city that some people prefer to use public transports to save time and money.

Do you want to have your parking guaranteed when you arrive?

If you own a car and need to park it but your building doesn’t have its own garage, there are places where you can find parking spaces for rent in Barcelona.


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For those who are looking for a flat to rent or to buy, Idealista is the main searching engine. But did you know that this website also provides postings to rent a parking space? In downtown, there are more than 1 500 garages available to hold your car during your trip. Depending on your location, monthly parking prices start at 30 euros, going up to 150 euros. Idealista is a great choice for parking spaces rental because it is a widely recognized website that operates legitemately.

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Fotocasa is another option to find a parking place in Barcelona. Even if the choices are fewer than at Idealista, you can easily find a good parking place to rent. The prices are between 60 and 180 euros a month. In the posting, you will see if the garage spot is big enough for one or two cars and if there is an automatic door opener or a private security guard. Still looking for more details? Click on more services to see which are the ones offered in the area such as schools, public transports, and hospitals.

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Photo via Pixabay

With a large team of professionals, Habitaclia is another website used in the city to rent flats, houses and garages. It is less known than the two previous ones but you should definitely have a look at it if you haven’t found the right choice for you on other websites since it offers a large variety of postings to rent a parking place in Barcelona. The prices start at 25 euro, going up to 160 euros a month.


Yaencontre is firstly a real estate website. It is useful when you look for a place for sale or to rent. Regarding parking places to rent, there are a few postings and the price is a bit more expensive than the others, between 80 and 150 euros a month for a place in downtown. Even if you are not a member, you can easily contact the advertiser to negotiate the price.


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