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Barcelona’s Best Co-Working Spaces | Business Travel

Business Travel Barcelona
Written by Allison

When traveling on business, sometimes finding a suitable place to work can prove difficult, especially if you run your own. However, if you intend to visit Barcelona any time in the future for business related matters there are now plenty of places that allow you to use space to work from.

The great thing is that you will find that because you have such a wide selection of co-working spaces available in Barcelona, finding one that meets your particular needs shouldn’t prove challenging. Below we take a look at what we feel are some of Barcelona’s best co-working spaces now available.

1. Betahaus

Betahaus is unlike any other co-working space you’ll find in Barcelona, here they want not only you to share space but also your experiences. Since opening its doors earlier this year it has now over 40 professionals who have chosen to make this location the place from where they work. The building is made up of 6 floors and terraces and covers a total of 2,000 square metres. As well as rooms where events can be held within it there is also a workshop and a breakout office. But what most love of course about working in this particular location is the amazing views it offers of the city.

2. Makers Of Barcelona (MOB)

Co Working SpaceLocated in the centre of Barcelona’s Eixample District, MOB is housed in an industrial space measuring 1000m sq. Along with rooms available, you can use to conduct business in, within the building, you’ll also find a great Cafe (Fab Cafe) where delicious tasting coffee is available. Plus if the need arises you can print out designs for your products using their 3D printer.

3. Meet BCN

Here the founder has chosen to create the perfect base for business travellers when in Barcelona. Along with co-working spaces, you’ll also find you can have access to their virtual office as well as rent rooms to carry out meetings or training in. Like MOB this particular space is situated in the Eixample District of the city.

4. RavalCo

Located in the very heart of Barcelona’s Raval district. It is a space that allows for freelancers to come together to work. What you will find especially delightful about this particular co-working space is that it isn’t that crowded, making it one of the quietest and peaceful locations of all those we suggest.

5. Apocapoc Bcn

If you are someone who is concerned with the effect that your travel has on the environment then using this co-working space is a suitable option. Although this eco-friendly space was only launched in December 2013 it has gained a reputation of offering its clients something totally unique.

The building in which it is housed was formerly a grain factory so you’ll find that it offers big spaces in which to work with high ceilings. All the furniture used in it is created from reclaimed wood and yet still offers you the same kind of technology that you would expect in any of the other co-working spaces mentioned above.

About the author


Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain her home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

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