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All about Universitat de Barcelona

Written by Dorothy

If you are considering studying abroad, there are many obvious reasons to choose a university in Barcelona. As well as fantastic weather, it offers a vibrant culture, great food, buzzing nightlife, lots of free festivals, cache_2438499158and a landscape of beaches and mountains. On top of all this, Barcelona is very welcoming to international students, with its universities offering a wide range of programs and courses aimed at students coming from abroad. If this sounds ideal, I recommend considering one of Barcelona’s most prestigious universities, the Universitat de Barcelona as your potential study institution.

Of Barcelona’s six universities, the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) is both the oldest, founded in 1450, and the largest. In fact it is the largest university in Catalonia, in terms of students, teaching staff, facilities, courses and research. It is stated to have the most extensive and comprehensive range of higher educational programs in Spain. This includes programs aimed at international students. The international student population of the UB is around 1300. The UB holds a global ranking of 131st according to the 2014 Webometrics Ranking web of universities. As the main centre of university research in Spain, it is a benchmark of excellence. So it’s definitely an institution to consider if you are thinking of Barcelona as a potential study destination.

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There are a broad range of subjects taught at the UB, with particularly popular programs including Hispanic Studies, Spanish/Catalan language, Tourism and Hospitality. But you will also find a range of other subjects and programs, many of which are taught in English and designed towards international students. See the website for more information on subjects, programs, fees, semesters and how to apply.

One of the great privileges enjoyed by students of the UB is access to the All about the Universitat de Barcelonasecond largest library in Spain, with over two million books and 38,000 journals, and 6000 reading sites. These are spread out across the four campuses situated in different parts of the city.

If you want to study in an environment which combines values of tradition (closely tied to Barcelona’s history) with innovation and excellence, all the while living in a vibrant cosmopolitan city, the UB could be the perfect place for you.

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Dorothy is a University of Barcelona Psychology graduate, TEFL teacher and Spanish learner. She is keen on all things related to health, fitness, exploring and learning.

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