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What Do I If I Want To Move Abroad

Written by Brian S

Leaving your country is one of the hardest things that a person can do, especially if it is forced by circumstances. In Spain, many young people very academically prepared have decided to emigrate in the face of the impossibility of finding a decent job in the country due, in large part, to the brutal economic crisis that has devastated Spain a decade ago. This crisis has devastated thousands of jobs that, in spite of the fact that a recovery is beginning, things have not fully recovered, neither in number nor much less in quality. This crisis has been primed especially with the youngest, robbing them of the hopes of a prosperous life. From ShBarcelona we want to give you some advice to those who have decided to change their country of residence to show your talent.

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Bet On Countries That Value Your Talent

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Sometimes, given the impossibility of finding a job at home, it is decided impulsively to go to another with any type of job, regardless of the academic training that has cost so much effort with the original line of work. The idea is to try to relocate, even if that means spending time on researching them, to countries that need professionals with the necessary academic background. If it is not possible, get a job in lower positions but with companies in the same desired sector, can always be something interesting when it comes to being promoted later down the line. Knowing how to sell yourself on the résumé and bring originality and added value will always be interesting things that companies value more and more frequently when they desire top quality from their employees.

The Essential Languages

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Once the destination to emigrate to has been decided, it is important to receive some basic notions of the language in order to be able to develop with a certain ease. Obviously, this will greatly help in finding a good job in the country of your destination. Logically, once there you will greatly improve your level, but without a necessary base, your options will be limited by a lot. If in the country there are several spoken languages that you do not know (Switzerland’s official languages include French, German, and Italian), find out which is the main one and the one that will open more doors and dedicate yourself to it. Once in the country, if you see that the second language is important for your aspirations, study it too.

Preparing To Leave

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It is important that you have everything related to your life your home country settled. For example, if your stay in your future destination is indefinite, you may want to sell your apartment and car. Another option is to rent your home out if you have not finished paying the mortgage or you are not sure if you will return home. Also, get rid of everything you will not need when you arrive wherever you go. You can sell it and bring extra money with you or give it away to friends or family, but if you are not sure if you will need it again, keep it in storage until you return. Have a legal passport and other documents (such a proper visa) plus a properly working phone. Also, know the laws of the country – that’s quite important – and have a working phone in hand with a SIM card that works in the country.

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The Cost Of Living

It is essential that you make an estimate of your monthly expenses, both housing and food, supplies, clothing, leisure and other factors. Find out about the price of rent, the areas where you can live (such as proximity to work, safety, and living standards), cost of food, any schools, and other-other recurring expenses.

You can calculate your own monthly cost living in Barcelona by clicking directly on this link. In addition to calculate your monthly budget, you can check the average prices listing of daily products like food, clothing, museums, utilities, housing by district, etc.

Have you moved abroad? What other advice do you give us to move?

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