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From Barcelona to Paris

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Written by Laurat

Like Barcelona, Paris is a popular must-visit city for just about everyone who loves to travel.  Even for non-travelers, just about everyone loves something about Paris or relevant to France.  Whether they admit it or not, Paris is a city of admiration to most, even to the native people of Barcelona.

Photo credit: Vajrasattva via Visualhunt / CC BY

Photo credit: Vajrasattva via Visualhunt / CC BY

If you talk to many native Barcelonians, you’ll notice a hidden admiration for the French. Before the importance of learning English became mainstream, French was the foreign language of choice for most people of Catalonia. It should be of no surprise that getting to the country’s capital has now become something more accessible to Barcelona.   Decades ago a trip to Paris from Barcelona could take as long as a two week or so on a horse and buggy.  Now, thanks to technology advancements in the transportation/locomotive sphere, getting to Paris from Barcelona is just a hop, a skip and a jump.

Take a flight from Barcelona to Paris

Hopping a flight to Paris is probably the fastest option.  Not only is it the fastest, but it can also be the cheapest option as well.  Flight prices range between €40 to €200.  Prices depend on the airline carrier, time and season. If you’re really lucky, you can find a ticket for as low as €10, but that’s only if you’re really lucky.  Don’t count on it for on a normal day. The good thing is, you won’t’ be in a horse and carriage, and will land in Paris in just under two hours. A flight in the early parts of the morning will land you in Paris just in time for le dejeuner ( a morning meal).

Take a train from Barcelona to Paris

If you want to explore your other options, you can skip the flight and ride on the high-speed TGV train from Barcelona to Paris as well.  This is a good choice if you want to act more like a tourist with some time on his or her hands.   The TGV from Barcelona to Paris non-stop train ride that is quite scenic.  On a clear day, you’ll see the snow-capped French Alps, the Mediterranean coastline, Vineyards, the Pyrenees and even Flamingo birds on the lakes.  Although it’s a little over six hours, it’s well worth the time if you’re into natural scenery.  The TGV also offers first class seats and a café bar.  Tickets are also quite inexpensive.  Prices range from €60 to €120.  As with all tickets, the time, season and the purchasing of them in plays a strong role in the price you’ll play, but once it’s said and done, you’ll be arriving at the Gare de Lyons train station.  Gare de Lyons is one of the busiest train stations in France and Europe, so keep organized and alert.  You wouldn’t want to lose your apartment keys in that place.  All you’ll need to do is make sure you’re at the Barcelona Sants train station, no later than an hour prior to departure (with your ticket in hand of course), and you’ll set.

Take a bus from Barcelona to Paris

Last but not least, you can jump on the bus.  With the competitive flight prices and the scenic ride on the train, the fifteen-hour ride on the bus is the least popular option.  This is a good option for people that are either afraid of flights, don’t want to drive their own cars, and can cope with the frequent stops in the various cities prior to arriving in Paris.   Bus ticket prices are pretty cheap.  You can get a bus ticket from Barcelona to Paris costing between €20 to €90.  You’ll more than likely going to be catching the bus from the Barcelona Nord station.  If you leave on the 2:30 p.m. bus that leaves Barcelona Nord, you’ll be arriving the Paris Bercy station at 5:15 a.m.  It’s a long ride, but at least you’ll be in time for petit déjeuner matinal (early breakfast).

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