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Getting around

Barcelona by Vespa

Written by Emily Elwes

Forget the hassle of renting a car as some of the streets are small and winding. Do not bother with public transit even if you know Spanish as some of the signs may be in Catalan the other official language of Catalonia in which Barcelona is located. You may not be ready to hire a driver for the expense and jumping on guided tours seems to gimmicky to you. Instead you like the wind in your hair, the open road of exploration in front of you even if it comes with some help from a GPS. Essentially this is touring Barcelona by Vespa. Staying in an old town apartment in Barcelona with a Vespa at the front door will practically mark you as a local.

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Vespa touring and rentals

Photo via Pixabay

In central Barcelona and in the old quarters of the city trying to navigate small streets and alleyways in a car should be left to experienced locals. Public transit may be an option for the adventurous that can understand Spanish and Catalan, otherwise the myriad of options often proves too confusing for outsiders. The best way to get around Barcelona with any modicum of speed, convenience and ease of use is simply using a Vespa, otherwise known as a scooter. There is a reason why Barcelona has one of the highest per capita bike, scooter and motorcycle usage rates in Europe. Imagine having a Vespa with the GPS attached with all the local tourist hotspots, some hidden gems that the rental service throws in and armed with your own list of must-see adventures while in Barcelona. All of a sudden you have your own guided tour on an easy mode of transportation that is quick, convenient and inexpensive.

Photo via Pixabay

Barcelona Vespa rental services are available from multiple providers in both the tourism industry and by regular automotive providers. As an outsider you may want to pay slightly higher rates from the tourism industry providers in order to gain access to insurance, helmets, a lock and the all important GPS with tourist destinations already loaded. The absolute number one rated service for Vespa rental in Barcelona is Vesping. Out of all activities on TripAdvisor for Barcelona this provider is rated number two, an outstanding feat. However on many other sites they are similarly rated with excellence because their attention to detail and the treatment of their clients as if they were family. They not only want you to rent a Vespa but they want you to find the hidden gems in Barcelona to suit your tastes.

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If you have had great experiences touring Barcelona by Vespa either on a guided tour or by yourself please tell us your story so others may learn from your experience.

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