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How Does Zona Verde Parking in Barcelona Work?

street parking in barcelona
Written by Daniella

Finding a place to park your car in Barcelona can be a daunting task. The city is divided in different areas or ‘Zonas’ where you are allowed to park your car for a certain number of days or hours. 

This article will tell you all you need to know on Zona Verde parking in Barcelona: what it is, how it works, the schedule and the price of parking your car here.

What is the Zona Verde in Barcelona?

If you are unsure of what the Zona Verde is, this is Barcelona’s green zone, and it is a special area with parking spaces where everyone can park their car, but residents (with corresponding authorisation that should be visible in their car) have priority.

Non-residents, however, can also park in the Zona Verde, but they need to get a parking paper ticket at the parking meter or a digital ticket through the City Council’s parking app

parking meter

Photo via Unsplash

It is normal to find Zona Verde parking in areas where, at times, it gets congested. For this reason, and to improve the situation for peopel that live in that area, non-residents can only park there with a specific schedule and by paying their parking tariff. We will tell you more below.

👍 Remember
Don’t confuse the Zona Verde with the Zona Azul! Discover how the Zona Azul in Barcelona works.

Zona Verde Barcelona: parking times

We will continue with the details on when to park in the Zona Verde, both in case you are a resident of the city or not. 

Parking schedule for non-residents

If you don’t live in the city of Barcelona, you have probably wondered: Can I park in the Zona Verde or not? The answer is ‘yes’, but you have to that there are time restrictions:

  • there is a maximum of 1 or 2 hours of parking your car (this depends on the parking sign on the pavement)
  • the Zona Verde is accessible from Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday (also depending on the instructions on the parking sign) and from 8AM to 8 PM without any interruptions. Within this timeframe you must pay for your parking, and you may not exceed the maximum allowed parking time.

Parking schedule for residents

If you are a resident in a Zona Verde in Barcelona you can park your car freely within your zone. Always remember to check the parking sign, as the maximum period you may park your car there is 7 days. This number will, however, depend on your specific area.

You will be paying a special rate in the Zona Verde, and you can do so by:

  • paying through the parking meters in the area
  • applying for the Tarjeta de Zona Verde (Green Zone card) and leaving this card in a visible spot inside your car
  • paying through the ONaparcar residents app
street parking

Photo via Pixabay

Zona Verde Barcelona: parking tariffs

Now that you now on what days and at what times you can park your car in Barcelona’s Zona Verde, we will inform you on the costs of parking your car. 

You will pay for parking by the hour, and the price will depend on the environmental label of your car.

Zona Verde parking prices for non-residents

There are three different types of tariffs for the Zona Verde in Barcelona:

  • Tariff A:
    • with environmental label 0: 0,50 €/h
    • with environmental label ECO: 3,00 €/h
    • with environmental label C: 3,75 €/h
    • with environmental label B: 4,00 €/h
    • without environmental label: 4,25 €/h
  • Tariff B:
    • with environmental label 0: 0,50 €/h
    • with environmental label ECO: 2,75 €/h
    • with environmental label C: 3,50 €/h
    • with environmental label B: 3,75 €/h
    • without environmental label: 4,00 €/h
  • Special tariff for companies and professionals (registered with City Council):
    • with environmental label 0: free
    • with environmental label ECO: 2,50 €/h
    • with environmental label C: 2,50 €/h
    • with environmental label B: 2,50 €/h
    • without environmental label: 2,50 €/h

Zona Verde parking prices for residents

Residents of a Zona Verde in Barcelona pay for their parking following the same guidelines as written before. Prices vary depending on the environmental label of the car.

  • Tariffs  for Zona Verde residents:
    • with environmental label 0: 0,20 €/day
    • with environmental label ECO: 0,20 €/day
    • with environmental label C: 0,20 €/day
    • with environmental label B: 0,20 €/day
    • without environmental label: 0,20 €/day
busy city of barcelona

Photo via Unsplash

Book your parking spot before arriving in Barcelona

Another option that is becoming a favourite is making reservations for a parking place before even arriving in Barcelona. Although there are parking spots in the Zona Verde, there is no guarantee that one is available.

If you are trying to find that one spot that is available, you will probably be driving around quite some time before finding it. And for this reason people like to book their parking place in advance. They want to leave their car in a safe place as well.

You can find out more about parking services in the city and where to park your car by clicking the button below.

Book your parking place in Barcelona

Parking in Barcelona’s Zona Verde

Last but not least, the map shows you all the Green Zones where you will be able to park your car. Go to map.

zona verde parking in barcelona

Map via

Do you have any remaining questions on Barcelona’s Zona Verde? 
Leave your comments below and we will help you!


About the author


Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.


  • Please help me understand:

    I’m not a resident,, my car doesn’t even have Spanish plates. It’s Friday night, and when I pay 2 euros, I get a ticket valid until Monday 08:30.

    Does this mean I can leave my car here the whole weekend, or is it still maximum 2 hours? Or is the 2 hours only on Mon-Fri 08:00-22:00?

    The text on the sign:

    Residents I per minuta
    Zona 3
    Temps maxim: 2 h
    Excepte residents amb distintiu
    Tiquet de control obligatori
    de dilìns a divendres 8-20 h


    • Hello Marcus,
      There is a maximum parking time for non-residents, and this is 2 hours according to the information you provided. However, non-residents are not allowed to park there on the weekends. I don’t know why your ticket says something different… Fingers crossed you didn’t get a ticket!
      Have a great stay in Barcelona,

        • Hi Valentin,
          Thank you for your interesting question.
          The 7-day limit for residents means you can only park in that exact same spot for a maximum of seven days.
          After that you need to move your car to a different spot.
          Best regards,

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