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Cellphone Apps that are shaking up the taxi service in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

Sometimes finding a taxi in an area of a city is difficult, even if there are some taxis there or you can call one, get on a taxi without knowing whether the driver will drive through the longest way to your destination or will charge you with a higher price, is a risk you should take. But for those who often use the taxi service there are many apps that will avoid having to call a cab or going out looking for one. These cell phone applications (the famous apps) allows you to locate the nearest taxi without picking up the phone, quickly and safely, only activating them and indicating your location. These applications will also provide information about the ride, the price of it, about the driver of the vehicle and give you the possibility to pay in advance from your smartphone.

Yes, it seems that everything has already been invented!

The Apps best known are completely free and among them are MyTaxi, which provides direct connection between the cab and the client, locate the passenger with GPS, allowing the passenger to know at all times where the taxi that will pick you up is and even have a ” favorite driver”; Hailo, an application with only two taps that allows you to contact the nearest taxi and arrange a pick up, you can pay in cash or by card, send you an alert of the arrival of your taxi with a text notification and also drivers can download the app to use it and locate users; Wannataxi for taxis or for passengers who want to order a taxi, this is a simple and intuitive application that can be used in Spain; Uber, supported by Google and founded in San Francisco (California) in 2009 this application, offering customers a VIP taxi with luxury vehicles and high-profile drivers; JoinUp, founded by two engineers from Barcelona in late 2012, this app is usable in Barcelona, Madrid, Sabadell, San Sebastian, Bilbao and Valencia.

All these applications work similarly and are very useful for both regular taxi users and occasional users. No more walking in the night calling a taxi and no more “being late” due to lack of taxis in an area of the city. From ShBarcelona we encourage you to try to use one of these applications, you’ll be very surprised with its effectiveness.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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  • Thanks shbarcelona for the post love your site.

    Not sure about the smartphone taxi service apps or Barcelona but is your looking for a top quality company to get you round in style then check out Locomote to get you around London.

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