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Getting From Barcelona Airport to The Cruise Port

barcelona terminal
Written by James

Sometimes the most aggravating part of a vacation is getting from Barcelona airport to the cruise port. Although there are multiple options from public transit to limousine it depends on your situation and which mode of transportation you prefer best.

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By understanding your options you can make an informed decision to achieve the best comfort. Of course, if you are looking for weekly rentals in Barcelona to start or finish your cruise your options may be different. 

In this article by ShBarcelona will give you all the details needed to get from the Barcelona airport to cruise port easily!

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The Barcelona Pier

The Barcelona Cruise Port is often called the Barcelona pier by locals. There are a total of nine terminals in the port of Barcelona seven of which are dedicated to cruise ships. The terminals are located at the foot of Las Ramblas Boulevard possibly the most famous street in Barcelona. 

barcelona cruise port

Photo via Pixabay

The terminals are divided into three distinct sections generally referred to as Adossat Quay, World Trade Centre, and Maremagnum Port Vell terminals. The first two are generally used for cruise ships with the third used mainly for large transport and cargo ships.

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Barcelona Airport

Its official name is Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport, and it is located 12 km southwest of downtown Barcelona. It is the second-largest airport in Spain behind Madrid and the 31st busiest airport in the world.

Transportation from Barcelona airport to the cruise port is not available in a direct manner besides taking a taxi. However, there are bus and rail routes that connect with the cities transportation links.

Transfer Options

Probably the easiest way to transfer between airport and cruise port is by taking a taxi. The trip Airport -> Pier is about 30 minutes long and cost between €39 (it’s a fixed final price). There are taxi stands at the cruise port terminals and the airport terminals making it easy and convenient.

overview of taxi prices in 2020

Taxi fares 2020

Another easy but more expensive option includes hiring a company that specializes in transfers between the airport and the cruise port. Generally, they offer a meet and greet service at either the airport or the terminal providing door to door service and baggage handling services. 

Yet expect to pay between €50 – €100 per trip depending on the hired vehicle which can range from a regular sedan to a van, to a limousine.

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The third and last option is to take public transport from the airport to the port terminals. However, this option requires multiple transfers and walking although it can be much cheaper.

A bus from the airport can take you to Plaça Catalunya, where you can then catch the Metro to Drassanes, which you would then walk approximately 5 minutes to the Columbus monument where you could catch the Blue Bus to the terminal. The total cost would be approximately 6 euros per person and would take considerably longer up to an hour of travel time.

Renfe station near sea

Photo via Pixabay


Of course, these options could change if you decide to stay in a weekly rental in Barcelona to enjoy this fantastic city. Depending on where your rental is located you would generally still have the same three options with different pricing.

Barcelona airport to cruise port transportation is an easy decision between a taxi or a hired service depending on how much you want to pay. The info in this article will help you decide what is best for your situation!

What is your favorite way to travel between the airport and cruise port? Share your advice!

About the author


James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.


  • The article says it is €25-€30 to take a taxi from the Barcelona airport to the pier. Is that cost per person, or is that the total amount for the taxi?

    • Hi Mary,
      It’s the total amount from the airport (extra to pay: XL luggages, during holidays and night schedule).


      • Delphine, hi!
        one poster says it´s more like 40 Euros.
        what does the price difference depend on?
        time of day or?

        • Hi Vic, ow there is a fixed price between the airport and the port for cruises. This price is 39 €, it’s a final price, all included.
          I actualized the post.

          Have a good travel!

    • Closer to 40 and total price for taxi whether 2 or more people. We always take a taxi as multiple forms of transport & walking & longer journey time not worth it. We do checkin, leave our luggage & take the bus back for a ramble on las ramblas

  • Hi!

    Our flight lands at 20:55. How long does it usually take to come through Customs? We’re booked on a cruise the next day and want to know are there things to do around the airport or the cruise port before we can embark on our cruise ship? And what’s the best way to travel to the cruise port?

    • Hi Zuraida,

      About 30mn by taxi (39€).
      I recomend you the pier area to waiting your checkin in the cruiser. You can walk till the Maremagnum, from which you can enjoy pretty views of the harbor, you can go shopping and enjoy many restaurants.
      Have a fun travel!

      • so if a family arrives in the evening, prior to their cruise in the next morning, do you recommend to still take a taxi to the Pier and wait there??

        • Hello Oksana,
          Getting a taxi is the most direct way of getting to the Pier.
          If you are staying at a hotel, you can always check if they provide transport to the Pier.

  • what is the closest Airport to the cruise port? and what which port does Norwegian Epic stop at?

  • A very useful article to read. Thanks a lot for posting this. Fine work.Keep it up.

  • We are a group of 4 couples (8 adults) landing at airport and need to head straight to port. We want to travel together – Is there a good reliable transfer company that anyone can recommend?

  • Our cruise ship arrives at 9:00 AM, our plane departs 1:30 PM, is that plenty of time ?
    Waiting for our luggage .
    Checking in, security check etc.
    Thank You !

    • Hello C Cabanes,
      Please contact the cruise port for an answer to your question.
      I don’t have any information about how fast luggage can be picked up from a cruise ship 🙂

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