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New year, new experiences – Part II

New year, new experiences – Part II
Written by Paula

Be funnier

Most of us could afford to be a little more relaxed, have a little more humor, learn to make fun of ourselves. A great way to practice all of that is by taking improvisation classes, where you will meet a lot of new people and explore new and amusing situations that will test your wit! If the idea seems appealing to you, try exploring the services offered by BIG, Barcelona Improv Group.

Eat healthier

fun barcelonaLife is all about choices, so make good ones! Start by changing your eating habits and becoming more conscious about what you eat. There are plenty of healthy food restaurants for you to choose from like Nabibi (Carrer de Marià Aguiló, 61), Organic’s (Plaza Urquinaona, 14), Café Blue Project (Calle Princesa, 57), La Riera (Carrer del Regent Mendieta, 15), Zaatar Vegetariano (Carrer de París, 200), and stores like Veritas (Carrer de Maria Aguilló, 104), Biospace (Carrer de València, 186), Woki Organic Market (Ronda de la Universitat, 20), and Obbio (Carrer de Muntaner, 177), where you can find quality products.

Get crafty

Don’t you sometimes get so bored you don’t what to do? How about giving your hands some work by doing some arts and crafts projects? You can find excellent materials to work at home at Raima, All you knit is love, Tiger and Barna Art. If you prefer to go out for classes, try All you knit is love, where you will learn how to knit, Mosaiccos, will you learn mosaic-building techniques, including the style Gaudí used called trencadís,  or Duduà, where you can learn different crafts.

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Cook Catalan cuisine

Do you enjoy Catalan food? How about starting to eat it more often at home? You will have no trouble following our step by step recipes for dishes like Escudella I carn d’olla, Escalivada, Coca de recapte, and Turrón.

Get creative

fun barcelonaEvery day is a great day to get your creative juices flowing! Let your imagination run wild and start coming up with new ideas, creating new projects, or putting the ones you already have in motion! If you dedicate yourself to some hours of internet research, you will find a variety of grants and programs offering you help so you can get your project going. One great example of this is Artsy, a platform created by Movistar where anyone can present an idea, a project for a festival or event and have it made real!

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