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Plom, an art gallery for kids

Written by Paula

In the year of 2014 a new concept of art gallery was created in Barcelona: an art gallery directed at children.  Plom Gallery was founded by Martha Zimmerman, former owner of Bravo Factory, the first illustrator’s agency in Spain. Zimmerman abandoned Bravo Factory to become an artistic agent, focusing on the promotion of Sergio Mora’s work, who became a famous painter and illustrator who has shown his work worldwide.

gallery barcelonaAfter the birth of her first son, Nicolás, Zimmerman decided to create an art gallery for kids, so that they could start getting familiarized with the world of contemporary art. She considers that art can be used as a tool of human development that stimulates creativity, imagination, and even self-esteem.

Plom wants to engage children in the world of arts by, among other things, giving them the opportunity of becoming art owners. That is why each piece of art sold in the gallery comes with an ownership certificate that will feature the child’s name on it.

To encourage children to be the ones to purchase the works of art themselves, Plom has created Plom Piggy Bank. Each child can choose which piece of art they like the most and that they would one day like to own. Plom Piggy Bank will help the child learn how to save money in order to one day be able to purchase the selected work.

Of course the art is also appreciated by adults, many of which fall in love with the pieces while paying a visit to the gallery with their children. The prices vary, but they usually start around 100€ and can g up to 2.000€ for a big piece.

Plom Gallery represents artists like Amaia Arrazola, illustrator, Blanca Hernández, sculptor, Coqué Azcona,  textile artist, Maxi Luchini, illustrator and author, and Mr. Ed comic book author and illustrator.

You can browse Plom Gallery’s catalogue online.

gallery barcelonaPlom Gallery is located at Carrer de Sèneca, 3. The best way to get there with public transportation is by taking the green line (L3) of the subway and exiting at Diagonal. The gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm, and 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Saturday the gallery opens one hour late, at 11 am, remaining open during the morning until 2 pm, then reopening in the afternoon  between 5 and 8:30 pm.

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