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Cosmo, a cafeteria with lots of art

Written by Adriana

If you pass by this bar-café located at the intersection of the Diputación street with Enrique Granados in Barcelona, will be very hard not to be tempted to sit on one of their tables and take a coffee. And who says a coffee, says a delicious chai latte, a iced latte (perfect for summer), one of the teas of your choice or one of the tasty juices, accompanied by some nachos with guacamole prepared at that very moment or a carrot and cinnamon cake. But the food and drinks are not what will attract you to this endearing and charming space… In its spacious interior, between the tables, sofas and chairs Friends-style, you can visit exhibitions of painting, photography, design, illustration, sculpture and video art from new artists, take a walk on the markets that they organize at the back of the cafeteria or join a cupcakes or sewing workshop. All together under the “Cosmo” concept, which even has an online and actual store that sells pieces from the exhibitions and other gadgets and accessories.

Is not surprising that the regular customer of Cosmo has a “hipster” style and a bohemian artist air who can drive you away at first (you’ll think “Wow, this place is full of arrogant hipsters!”), but its waiters’ customer service and the quiet, will change your mind immediately. His inspiring and multicultural environment makes it the ideal place to work with your laptop, for an informal work meeting or to eat a snack at lunchtime. In dynamic and cosmopolitan cities like London, Stockholm and New York such multidisciplinary spaces abound in the most central or most fashionable areas, allowing the artists exhibiting in its walls make their work reach a wider audience, while creating a culturally enriching space for the customers who come to take something. It is strange that there aren’t more places like Cosmo in a city like Barcelona, as this would increase the diversity of their audience and the number of platforms for artists of all artistic disciplines.Once you cross the threshold of the door of Cosmo take a close look at everything that is hanging on its walls because each painting, drawing and oeuvre will surprise you, and you will make this cafeteria/art gallery your new meeting point from now.For more information about our rental apartments in Barcelona you can visit the website of ShBarcelona here.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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