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Echevarne Laboratory in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

In Barcelona, where medicine and health play a massive role in the daily cost of the entire country’s spending, research facilities working with various ailments are popping up everywhere like in the rest of Europe. These facilities look for ways to cure basic illnesses and prepare for handling the most advancing illnesses, mainly life-threatening ones. These laboratories, including the Echevarne Laboratory in Barcelona, are committed to researching these various illnesses to help prevent them from spreading and help those who have already been diagnosed.

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Brief History

Photo via Pixabay

The Echevarne Laboratory was founded in 1958 by its namesake, Dr. Fernando Echevarne, as a new testing ground in Europe for the growing advancement of medical research using new technological processes. As one of the main and most advanced laboratories in Europe, over 750 professionals work in the 46 centers across Spain. The laboratory works in clinical analysis, clinical studies, pathological anatomy, veterinary, and industrial matters. In addition, the Echevarne Foundation, founded in 1993, was set up as a private non-profit institution for scientific and educational purposes so doctors in these fields could grow and advance in health science. The foundation has participated and developed research and educational programs with other organizations, both public and private. Thanks to the start-up and support of these programs, links have been forged for basic, clinical, and applied research studies, allowing new technologies to be used every day.

What They Do

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In Echevarne’s labs, their Clinical Analysis department does a routine analysis of various samples to molecular genetic tests. Thier highly qualified specialists give fast, accurate information that helps professionals establish the diagnosis and treatment of their patients. The Clinical Studies department helps the pharmaceutical industry through research, development, and innovation through its four stages: Phase I Clinical Trials, Phase II-IV Clinical Trials, Bioanalysis/Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmaco-genetics. Its purpose is testing out new drugs before they are submitted for government approval. In their Pathology department, they study how to diagnose through biopsies and surgical procedures.

How They Do It

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There are different procedures and different drugs they design for various purposes such as preventing heart disease, obesity, cancer, and other hereditary conditions. But they also look into new medicines and determine if they are safe to consume. For example, the DrugChip determines the effectiveness of the drug and the drug’s toxicity. It’s made to curb the secondary effects of medicines for neuropsychiatric and sleep disorders and cardiovascular diseases. Echevarne Laboratory has also developed tests to detect any genetic intolerance to lactose and fructose, hereditary genes for breast cancer, and the sex of a fetus from a maternal blood sample earlier than before.  

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Echevarne Laboratory has multiple locations within Barcelona. Echevarne Sant Cugat is located at Martorell, 20-22 Local 2 – 08172Echevarne Terrassa is located at Galileu, 325 Local C – 08224, and Echevarne Castelldefels is located at Avda. Constitución, 185-187 – 08860(Here you can find a listing of all Barcelona-based labs for Echevarne). For any advanced illnesses or rare conditions, the doctors at Echevarne Laboratory can help out in their advanced research of diagnosis and effective treatment.

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