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IMO Barcelona, Institute of Ocular Microsurgery

Written by Brian S

Ocular microsurgery involves the study of and procedures dealing with conditions that affect vision and eyes. This could include advanced cataracts and glaucoma, damaged retinas, eye cancer, and any type of blindness. Vision impairment is quite common, and various conditions require specific treatments from the basic to the advanced. From the current standing, many major public and private businesses are invested in seeking universal vision for every person and curing all eye illnesses. One of these companies, IMO, is located right here in Barcelona.

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What Is IMO Barcelona?

Photo via Pixabay

The Instituto de Microcirugía Ocular (IMO) is a major international ophthalmology center that seeks to find cures to all ocular conditions and have been doing so for the last 25 years. The IMO is among the leading researchers in developing and contributing to clinical trials of all eye conditions, leading to a unique approach within this medical sector. As a member of the European Vision Institute Clinical Research Network (EVICR), IMO works with geneticists to create a faster process in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all eye illnesses. IMO has 24,000 square meters of workspace with the most advanced technology in treating patients and meeting other researchers around the world to study eye conditions.

Services Provided

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Treatments and services performed there include surgeries and various treatments for current patients, training for students who want to learn more about the ocular field, and thousands of consultations regarding various eye conditions. Their medical team touches on a bit of everything, and its list of extensive expertise is long: Acute keratotomy (incisions to flatten and curve the cornea’s meridian), Jones tubes surgery (tear duct replacement), orbital decompression, intrastromal corneal ring inserting (for corneal deformation), and emergency surgeries to save the eye, if possible. The list of what IMO’s doctors can do is extensive.

IMO Foundation

Photo by Unhindered by Talent via Visualhunt

The IMO Foundation was established in 2010 by IMO professionals in their support and collaboration with various social organizations, suppliers, sponsors, and other philanthropists to promote new ways of improving the quality of people’s vision. To them, the number of people who are going blind or have imperfect vision should not be as high as it is around the world. They want to help even the most vulnerable people to have better vision. This involves offering regular check-ups and opening access to diagnosis and treatment for impaired vision. In addition, the IMO Foundation also teaches students the advancements in ophthalmology in association with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) to have a new generation of specialists in the field.

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At IMO, they care dearly for a world without blindness by going the extra mile in experimenting with ways to cure various eye conditions. Anybody can book an appointment for any issue with their vision from basic to more advanced problems. The specialists await to help those who want to see everything as new again.

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