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English-speaking doctors in Barcelona

Written by Thompson Crowley

Whether you are visiting Barcelona for a brief break, or you’re staying a little more long term, getting struck down with illness is a very unpleasant thing to have to deal with. When you’re low and weak and weary, the last thing you want to have to struggle through is language complications. Fortunately, there are some great English-speaking doctors on hand to offer advice and treatment for your ailments. Many hospitals and health centers in the city will have English-speaking doctors available if you ask, but it’s not guaranteed. You may have more certainty of being able to communicate clearly with your doctor if you opt for a private clinic, English practice or health center.

If you are faced with an emergency, call 112 for an ambulance, where you can communicate in English if needed. For something less urgent, you can contact some of the following premises:

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Googol medical center

Photo by Visualhunt

Photo via Visualhunt

The Googol medical centre is located in Les Corts. It is run by Dr. Stephen Joseph, a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in London, who set up the clinic in 2005, to offer treatment to the growing number of ex-pats now living in the city. Not only is he a general practitioner, but he also offers chiropractic services and mental health therapy. The centre is located within walking distance of Les Corts metro station, also well-served by bus routes: 70, 72, 75, 73, 15, and 59. There is also a private car park if you have your own transport. Address: Gran Via de Carles III, 37-39Contact: (0034) 935179490 / (0034) 662 291 191 or

Dr. Mary D. McCarthy

Dr. Mary D. McCarthy is another English-speaking doctor in Barcelona, with a practice based in Sant Gervasi. She has many years of experience dealing with patients and is a member of both the American College of Physicians, and the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers. She deals with a variety of ailments and is always happy to take on new patients. The practice is just a short walk from both Gràcia and Diagonal metro stations and is served by bus routes: 64 and 58. Address: Aribau 215Contact: 93 200 2924 / 607 220 040 or

Dr. Leila Catherine Onbargi

Dr. Onbargi is an American board-certified and English speaking doctor whose practice offers gynecological and obstetrical care in Barcelona, including breast checkups, prenatal care and family planning, and more. She works at the Centro Médico Teknon in Barcelona. She has worked in Barcelona for more than 20 years. Address: Carrer de Vilana, 12. Contact:+34 932 90 62 00.

Dr. Carlos Magriñá

Dr. Carlos Magriñá is an internationally renowned ENT doctor and surgeon based in Barcelona. His practice has over 30 years of experience in successfully treating patients from all over the world. Thanks to his studies in the USA at the prestigious Mayo Clinic and Children’s Hospital, he has an excellent English command. As an ENT physician, he diagnoses and treats all kinds of nose, ear, and throat problems.

He is known for having the highest professional and human standards, taking care of the specific needs of his patients. The center is located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, so if you rent an apartment in the district, it is easily accessible by car and public transport. Address: Paseo de la Bonanova 69, 6ª Planta. Contact via phone: +34 93 213 34 56. Contact via Whatsapp: +34 669 88 21 72.

Doctors Barcelona

Photo by Visualhunt

Photo via Visualhunt

If you would prefer to have someone come and visit you, then try Doctors Barcelona. They have a team of English-speaking doctors on hand to come and provide treatment. Whether you are in a hotel room or staying in your own apartment, it doesn’t matter, they will pay you an attentive visit. Once you contact Doctors Barcelona, they will get to you within the hour. This service costs 150€. Doctors Barcelona also offers pediatric services, should you have a minor in need of assistance. Contact: +34 689327144.

English-speaking counselors

In addition to medicinal care, you can also find a range of English-speaking psychological support options and counselors in Barcelona. For example, Mind and Soul offers psychotherapy and psychological counseling for individuals as well as couples and groups, and at affordable rates. They offer services in English as well as German, Polish, Spanish and Bulgarian. Kamen B. Petrov is another English-speaking psychologist offering counseling and psychology services for individuals and couples as well as counseling for children and families. He is a member of the British Psychological Society as well as a professor at Metáfora, an art therapy school in Barcelona. His first sessions are always free, and he offers affordable fees and discounts.

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Sometimes it takes a bit to find the right doctor or counselor that speaks English, so don’t give up! Many doctors can refer you to someone who speaks English if they do not offer the services in English themselves. In addition, the cost of medical services for non-residents in Spain differs. It’s always best to take out both travel and health insurance. And if you are a European citizen, you should always carry an up-to-date European health insurance card.

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About the author

Thompson Crowley

Thompson is a musician from the U.K who fell in love with Barcelona. He is constantly discovering new things in the city, which he shares with the readers through his articles.


  • Dr. Victoria Howe is based in the centre of Barcelona and she has been working closely for more than 10 years with an extensive network of hospitals and heatlh centres.
    She is comitted to providing high-quality modern medicine in a traditional way.
    She will ensure that whatever your medical problem may be, it will be dealt with in an efficient and professional manner.

  • Turó Park Dental & Medical Center is the perfect clinic in Barcelona they are English and French speaking and they also have a lot of specialities such as: dentist, orthodontics, maxillofacial pediatritian, gynecology, travel medicine, ERN medicine, infectious disease, general practitioner, chiropractic, cardiology, nutrition, plastic surgery. All of them English speaking.
    Here you have the their website.

  • I was recommended a service called Mobidoctor and was surprised about the service. They only charge €24 for a consultation and prescription. Everything is done over video without any waiting

    They are also available in every other Spanish city and all EU countries

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