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Postural Fit method in Barcelona

Written by Paula

Modern society demands a lot from people. Be it with physical work that tires the body, or intellectual work that exhausts the mind, most people end up experiencing back pain or developing back problems and one time or another.

Luckily, there are now a varfitness barcelonaiety of methods that can help prevent and treat back problems. One of those methods is the one proposed by Postural Fit, whose system was developed by experienced physiotherapists, using a combination of posturology, osteopathy, and physical therapy. Their method combines the exercising of one’s muscle strength, with stretching and relaxation.

Postural Fit’s method is designed to help people in different stages of their lives. Children and teenagers will benefit from an improved coordination and balance and better psychomotor development. Senior citizens can experience an significant improvement in joint mobility, elasticity, coordination, balance and posture. The system is also recommended for athletes, who can use Postural Fit to reduce the negative effects that may occur from practicing specific types of sports, develop a strong but flexible muscular base and develop a body conscience to optimize their performance and reduce the risk of injury. The Postural Fit method is also indicated for women during pregnancy, helping them improve their posture and reducing back pain; and also after birth, helping women regain their figure, toning arms, legs, back and the pelvic area.

How does the Postural Fit method work?

fitness barcelonaPostural Fit classes can be performed in groups or individually. Each session takes about 60 minutes where, under the supervision of an experienced Postural Fit method physiotherapist. Classes take place twice a week. Each session is divided between postural and fit work.

Postural works on stretching and toning. It is meant to give students a better control of their posture, developing their body conscience.

Fit focuses on increasing the students’ agility and movement flow by using a series of choreographed exercises designed to tone the entire body.

The classes are taught by one of Postural Fit’s four teachers and physical therapy experts Francesc Arjalaguer, Danna Rebassa, Laia Blanch, or Núria Zaragosi.

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Espai Clinic

Postural Fit has an area dedicated to individual treatments, offering physical therapy and osteopathy services.

If you feel like Postural Fit may be a good fit for you, contact the center to learn more about their prices and conditions.

Postural Fit is located at Carrer de Regàs, 8, in the district of Gràcia.

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