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Reiki Sessions in Eixample

Written by Brian S

Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice to reduce stress and grow calming energy. A specialist in the practice can restructure the balance of energy in the body to even it all out. The thought is that energy flows inside us just like our blood, and when the energy levels are unbalanced, we can even them out by reinforcing movement through touch to bring back balance. It’s a popular form of alternative medicine being adapted to Western culture, and many practices are teaching the art of Reiki and performing it on people trying to reduce stress. You can find Reiki sessions available all over Barcelona, including these popular options located in Eixample.

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Centro Maranatha

Photo by MTSOfan via VisualHunt

Since 2001, Centro Maranatha has trained and certified therapists to meet clients’ needs and to help people find their inner happiness. Their use of Reiki, as well as the other forms of therapies they perform, helps people feel better and be comfortable with natural therapy the first time they use it. All of their RAIcited therapists act professionally and holistically on people, animals, and even plants. Because energy in the body cannot be measured, Centro Maranatha proposes that the muscles, tissues, and organs, within the human body are energetically connected and that these connections from head to toe play a massive role in our health.

Address: c/Villarroel, 172 – 174, ent.6, 08036


Photo by morgan.cauch via Visualhunt

As part of their Reiki practice, the therapists at VoxCorpore will put their hands on the main areas of the body, or chakras, where the energy is lacking or backed up. There, they can unblock the path to make energy flow again and stabilize the chakras that are hyperactive or inactive. This is especially useful for those experiencing depression. It can also help to increase energy, reduce headaches and migraines, and speed up the healing process for any condition. They also practice the four-hands variant, where two or more people help out in making the energy-releasing process even faster if the body seems to be struggling a lot with building up its own energy. The goal is to manipulate the chakras to create a better metabolic system and absorb the new energy

Address: Plaça del Dr. Letamendi, 3, 08007

Reiki i Shiatsu Barcelona

Photo by Ängsbacka Kursgård via Visualhunt

At Reiki i Shiatsu Barcelona, they believe very much that life can be lived to the fullest through gratitude. In their Reiki and Shiatsu massages, people will become more aware of their internal resources to create something out of nothing, thus being sound in body and mind and thankful for everything received. They are peaceful and calm with their touches to get the energy of the body flowing again. They will also speak to you about statying healthy in all aspects of life, so there is no clogging up of biogenetic passages move throughout the body. In a one hour session, you will be on your way to balancing energies in your body.

Address: C/ Consell de Cent, 474, 5è A, 08013

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Reiki is another example of natural medicine for body and mind without all the man-made chemicals. People often look to the naturalist approach when it comes to healing or relieving stress and depression. These approaches extend far beyond yoga, the most popular form, and can be found in many variations, including Reiki, throughout Barcelona.

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