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Dance therapy in Barcelona | Healing through movement

Written by Paula

Dance therapy, or as it’s known in Spanish, Danzaterapia, is a healing technique that uses dance and psychology as a way to treat mental and physical problems through a process of psychophysical integration.

dtWhat are the benefits of dance therapy?

This form of therapy allows patients to manifest, through movement and creativity, what they are feeling inside. This helps them develop their sensitivity and to begin to accept themselves and others. Through dance therapy, the patients are able to break rules and leave prejudice behind, which opens a space for joy, trust and safety.

Teachers of dance therapy work on various areas: the recreational area, the rehabilitation area, the clinical area and the teaching area. Using games, writing, humor, silence and music, dance therapy teachers work to open the student’s communication channels.

What kind of conditions can be treated with dance therapy?

Dance therapy is not used as a cure to physical conditions but as means to reduce the patient’s symptoms, improving their self-confidence and well-being. It is very helpful in cases of

Blindnessdance therapy can be used as a tool to allow the student to express himself physically, helping them to break the physical rigidness that usually accompanies a blind person.

Deafnessdance therapy allows the patient to discover the hidden language inside himself so he can dance with words, shapes, rhythms and colors.

Mental/physical disability – dance therapy proposes different means of expression for each specific pathology.

Eating disorders dance therapy helps to increase self-esteem and body confidence so that the student can stop seeing a distorted image of himself. The method transforms tension, anxiety and sadness into positive feelings, which generates emotional balance.

Dance therapy is also very effective in the treatment of depression, stress, shyness, isolation, neurosis and melancholy.

There are several places in Barcelona where you can try dance therapy. Here are some of the options available:


Calle Diputación 322

Artemisa BCN – Multispai artistic 

C/ Regás 33

Danza Movimiento Terápia

Via Laietana 54.

Montse Marti Gasch

Sagrada Familia y Granollers

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