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Top Tips for the Primavera Sound festival

Written by Gill

The day is drawing near where people from all over Europe will flock to Barcelona for the international Primavera Sound festival. And Barcelonans? Well, we’ll be donning our dancing shoes and heading beachward too! The festival is a highlight in the packed calendar of fun in Barcelona with acts from all over the world making it 3 days and nights of outstanding music. Here are ShBarcelona’s top tips for festival first-timers to ensure they get the most from their experience at Primavera Sound Festival.

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Photo credit: ariel martini via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo via Visualhunt

The main acts of the Primavera Sound Festival run from the early evening until 6am. This means you can spend the afternoons seeing the rest of the city or tanning on the beach. Whatever your daytime plans are, we recommend pacing yourself because you’ll need plenty of stamina for the concerts!


Ensure you’ve had a hearty meal in one of the city’s amazing eateries before coming to the festival – there are food stalls in the arena and generally the quality is good but they are pricey and not really a match for Barcelona’s many gastronomic hotspots.

Make the most of the stages

Photo credit: Diariopop ( via / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo via Visualhunt

Try to check out all the stages – each one offers a unique experience whether it’s the urban Pitchfork stage that catches the setting sun or the acoustics of the Ray Ban amphitheatre style stage. The brand new Bowers and Wilkins sound system will give you that beach side vibe. Don’t fear missing your favourite bands, the beauty of this festival compared to others is that you have time to check out clashing sets on different stages as the Forum is so compact.

Keep warm

There are times in the day when you will forget what it’s like to be cold. The Barcelona sun can lead you into fell hot and toasty but when the sun goes down the temperature drops in a big way. Pack warm clothes, you will not regret it. A sneaky snack of churros con chocolate at about 2am is a warm, sugary helper to get you through until 6am.

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Getting home

Photo credit: Daniel Cossio via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo via Visualhunt 

Leaving the site after 2am can feel like taxi armageddon. If you do want to brave the battle, move away from the festival entrance. It pays to walk along Av. Diagonal and away from the hoards of desperate revellers. Available taxis will have a green light. If the light is yellow they will not stop, no matter how frantically you wave your hands. If you can push on until 5am, the metro starts up again and you can get home cheaply and easily. 

Have you visited Primavera Sound before? Any advice?

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