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Traditional festivals

Discover the Festival of Sant Medir

Written by Daniella

The festival of Sant Medir is one of the most celebrated traditional events in some neighborhoods of Barcelona. Its origin is very old and it represents the most fun festival for children in many parts of Barcelona. It is undoubtedly one of the sweetest (literally) festivals on the Barcelona calendar of traditions, since its main characteristic is a rain of sweets through the streets of these central districts of the Catalan capital. Today, ShBarcelona tells you all you need to know about the festival of Sant Medir in Barcelona.

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Discover the Festival of Sweets: Sant Medir

Photo via Visualhunt

The festival of Sant Medir is a beautiful festival that is celebrated on March 3rd in the streets of various neighborhoods, including Gràcia, Sarrià and La Bordeta. The origin of the festival of Sant Medir goes back to the neighborhood of Gràcia, because of a promise made in 1828 by the baker Josep Vidal i Granés, who had a bakery on Gran de Gràcia street. The promise consisted in going to the hermitage of Sant Medir annually, if his health problem was cured. That was the first year in which he kept his promise, and in later years more people began to take part, from relatives and friends, to even groups of people who became the colles. In the first parades that were organized for the pilgrimage, Mr. Vidal i Granés threw beans to the public as a tribute to the saint, but over the years, the beans have been replaced by candies and that is why it is known as the festival of sweets of Barcelona.

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Photo via Visualhunt

The festival of Sant Medir is one of the most deeply rooted festivals in Vila de Gràcia. The most important feature of this festival is the tons of candies of all sorts and types, that are thrown from horses and trucks into the public, who wait patiently alongside the parade. On March 3rd two parades are being organized, the first one is in the morning, when the children stroll through the neighborhood while candy is being thrown, and a pilgrimage to the chapel of Sant Medir in the Collserola mountain range begins. On the way back, the same children lead a great parade through the main streets of the neighborhood and throw candies at the public, who carry bags, umbrellas or any other instrument that helps them collect as many sweets as possible. The Sunday after March 3rd another pilgrimage is celebrated in the neighborhood of La Bordeta, this time only in the morning, in which people mount on horsebacks, trucks and carriages and again they throw candy to everyone present. At the end of the parade, people gather in the Parish of Sant Medir to celebrate a mass in honor of the saint. Of course, children are the ones who most enjoy this festival, but adults are also big fans, as it is a fun and sweet festival.

*Main photo by Oh-Barcelona via Visualhunt

Have you ever been to the festival of Sant Medir? Did you like it?

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