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Pedal, a courier service by bike

Written by Adriana

Some may think that a courier service by bike is slower and less reliable than a service done by a motorbike or a van. Well, nothing further from the truth! As has been demonstrated in cities like New York or London, with a famous and excellent courier service by bike, making packages’ deliveries and collections pedaling on a bike can be more effective and certainly more sustainable than by any motor vehicle. As already Pedal (a logistics company delivering and collecting by bike in Barcelona, Brussels, San Sebastian, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Madrid) slogan says, Bikers Do it Fast! Know a little bit more about this courier service in Barcelona through its Communication manager and PR, Txell Hernandez.

What is Pedal, what do you offer and how it works?

Pedal is a logistics company dedicated to both delivery of products purchased on the Internet and specialized in catering services and express courier, all by bike. All services are performed in this mode of transport, whether on regular bikes or loading bikes, allowing us to work quickly, efficient and environmentally friendly. We also have a bike rental shop located in the Poblenou (Barcelona).

How did the idea to create this courier service by bike company came up?

Pedal was founded in 2004 by a Belgian guy based in Barcelona, with a specific philosophy: the passion for sports, urban attraction and a quality service.

What advantages and disadvantages entails delivering by bike?

A courier service by bike allows a greater efficiency in the last mile delivery. It offers greater control over traffic compared to motor vehicle deliveries and, therefore, makes it faster. Also, by its nature, offers the possibility to reduce the ecological footprint of companies. The only drawback are the long distance deliveries (outside the urban core).

Do you think Barcelona is ready enough to ride a bike? Do your couriers you suffer many accidents during deliveries?

Barcelona has greatly improved its cycling infrastructure in recent years. Although it is already far from perfect in this regard, we do consider that in terms of terrain and weather conditions, is an excellent city to ride a bike. Our couriers don’t usually suffer too many accidents during deliveries, we have given much importance on our couriers training (getting around in traffic) as well as on having good tools for them (good quality and well checked bikes)

How has Pedal’s brand image affected on its development as a business?

We have always given much importance to the brand image of the company, which is difficlt to see in the courier sector, we try to position ourselves as a trendy, young and commited to sustainability brand. To do so we bear in mind both our brand’s graphic design and what our couriers will wear during deliveries and collections. We collaborate with Bench clothing brand for uniforms and the flagship brand for bicycles Orbea.

You already deliver in various cities of the world, do you have plans to expand your business?

For the moment we are focused on Barcelona but we don’t rule out the idea of expanding our business.

And finally… What is the weirdest item you have ever delivered or collected?

The truth is that we never know exactly what we are carrying within the packages, although we have made deliveries to the most diverse people and locations. Celebrities, famous people, unique and hidden spaces, quirky pets… everything fits on the day-to-day of our couriers.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.


  • Hey Adriana! Im going to Barcelona next week and stay there for a while.. Do you know if this Pedal company still working ? Im really interested in working with it. Thank you

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