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Creating shade for your terrace

Written by Laura

In Barcelona, it is marvelous to have a terrace, with the beautiful climate of the Ciudad Condal that you get to enjoy for a large part of the year. Dinners, snacks, breakfasts, barbecues, drinks… all this is much more fun if you do it on a terrace in the city, that is, with some form of protection offering shade to a terrace exposed to the scorching Barcelona sun. For this reason, today at ShBarcelona we tell you about sun protection systems for your terrace that are on the market.

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On the terrace, but in the shade

Photo via Pixabay

Like we mentioned, enjoying a terrace in the summer is one of the best things you can do during the beautiful summer days in the Catalonian capital. However, it is important to be able to guard yourself from the sun so it can be a truly comfortable space. There are many ways to avoid the sun on a terrace, and one of the elements that you can use are pergolas. While it’s true that they are the most expensive form of protection we’ll be discussing, they are also one of the most aesthetic. There are many models on the market for all styles and likings. A pergola can be installed directly on the wall or can be freestanding. It is important to mention that not all communities allow you to install pergolas in the facade, therefore it is necessary to consult your community to find out if it is permitted. With freestanding ones you won’t have a problem since they are not adhered to a communal area. You can find a variety of models from Leroy Merlín.

A more economic and functional option that doesn’t take up space on your terrace is a sail umbrella. This type of model, which you attach to a wall or other area, can be taken down easily and are very light, so they don’t take up space and provide good shade. They are an alternative to umbrellas, but take up less space and are more reliable on especially windy days. Here is an well-priced model from Ikea.

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Photo via Pixabay

Lastly, we will discuss the most economic and safe alternative – the parasol or umbrella. There are without a doubt thousands of models on the market and the range of prices are impressive. You can get an umbrella for your terrace for five euros that can be an ideal solution for creating an area of shade, or buy a designer parasol with larger dimensions to cover the whole space for 200 euros or more. It all will depend on what is logical for your needs and your budget. It’s important to keep in mind that a umbrella should have a foot that attaches to the floor to keep it in place, so it won’t bother you or be dangerous on windy days. At Ikea there are a variety of umbrellas and parasols for a range of prices.

How do you protect your terrace from the sun? Do you have advice for us?


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