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The Best Men’s Shoe Stores in Barcelona

Written by Jonathan T

Like a reliable song for the ages, the heel knocking rhythm of a decent pair of shoes is a must-have for the modern gentleman.

Amongst the majestic avenues and cobbled gothic streets of Barcelona you will find an overwhelming array of shoe stores, but perhaps you are wondering where to start?

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The quest for a well-crafted pair of trusty reliables can be both time-consuming and lead to shopping induced trauma. Don’t worry, we get it.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of artisan espadrilles or some timeless boots of Spanish leather, Barcelona has all options covered when it comes to finding the perfect shoes for men.

Men’s shoe shops in Barcelona

The Outpost

Located directly across from the art nouveau Casa de les Punxes on Carrer del Rosselló, The Outpost is a contemporary treasure trove for the modern man.

shoe shops barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

With its uniquely designed interior, stepping inside is like taking a mini excursion to a boutique that has been established on the frontier.

The Outpost has a finely selected collection including loafers, boots and everything in between. The staff are friendly, the place is cool, and the collection speaks volumes.

Address: Carrer del Rosselló, 281

Barcelona – Stay a few months

Tascón Zapaterías

Jose Tascon established his first store on Avenue Diagonal back in 1959 which specialized in quality Spanish and Italian shoes. His children took over the family business in the 1970’s and it has since become a Barcelona tradition.

They now have stores all over the city, and their Passeig de Gracia location is a great place to start with contemporary style on one of the city’s most majestic avenues in the Eixample neighborhood.

Address: Passeig de Gracia, 64

show store with modern shoes

Photo via Pixabay

Panama Jack

If you’re looking for a solid pair of rugged leather boots, why not take try Panama Jack? Panama Jack makes hardwearing Spanish boots and shoes and ships them to reputable shoe stores throughout the world.

This flagship store, situated on the beautiful Rambla de Catalunya, brings together a fine collection of shoes which all come at a reasonable price and are certain to last you for many a ramble.

Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 98

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Corbeto’s Boots – genuine Barcelona shoes

Located on the world-famous promenade and selling boots to lovers of Western culture since 1948, Corbeto’s is the go-to store for any man pursuing a more mythical style. This is where you go for leather shoes in Barcelona.

If your idea of timeless cool conjures up visions of Clint Eastwood in a saloon bar brawl, Springsteen on some roadhouse jaunt or Hemingway at a whiskey soaked writer’s table, this is where you are going to find your classics.

leather shoes in barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

Corbeto’s stocks the world famous Valverde del Camino brand which specializes the in Campero (rural) style boot, a quality keepsake from your time in Spain.

Address: La Rambla, 40

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Mamahuhu prides itself on being an ethical trader of Colombian-made shoes. Since 2001 they’ve been supporting the work of artisans from impoverished areas of Colombia and delivering well-crafted shoes to Spanish customers.

They currently have two stores in Spain and one of them is located in the enchanting streets of the city’s Gothic quarter.

shoes shops in barcelona

Photo via Unsplash

Mamahuhu has contemporary shoes for sale in Barcelona, and they are imbued with the vibrancy of their colourful Colombian roots, a style that fits perfectly with the progressive charms of the Catalan capital.

Address: Carrer del Call 11

Where do you go to buy your leather shoes in Barcelona? 
Do you wear shoes by some of the famous Spanish shoe designers?

About the author

Jonathan T

Jonathan Taylor lives in Barcelona. He specialises in short fiction, cultural content and songwriting.

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  • Here are some other nice shoe stores in Barcelona that are worth a visit:

    1. Norman Vilalta – A nice selection of men’s leather shoes. The owner is a bespoke shoemaker who learned the trade in Florence and he launched a ready-to-wear line a few years back. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re into luxury men’s shoes.

    2. Santa Eulalia – One of the nicer boutiques in Barcelona with both men’s and women’s clothing. Check out their shoe selection downstairs for designer luxury men’s shoes.

    3. Sivasdescalzo – The go to store for sneaker heads in Barcelona. Great selection of sneakers from the major brands, including a lot of the exclusive releases.

    4. Foot District – One of the newer kids on the block in Barcelona in terms of sneakers. In the center of the city, just behind Plaza Real.

    5. 24Kilates – Nice shop that often does collaborations with some of the major shoe brands. They really need to work more on their customer service.

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