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Where To Search For Long Term Rentals In Barcelona

Written by James

Are you going to be moving to Barcelona to work or study? If you are then like me, you are probably looking for an apartment available for a long term rental. I would recommend that you look no further than making contact with one of the many rental agencies that have apartments available to rent in this amazing city.

Of course with so many apartments for rent in Barcelona these days finding one to suit your needs shouldn’t prove a problem. What you may find difficult is deciding in what part of the city you want to stay. Well I hope by explaining a little more about the various neighbourhoods (barrios) that make up this city deciding where you should live may help to make things easier.

luggage-930804_960_720The first place to consider looking for long term rentals in Barcelona is in an area of the city known as El Born. Located between Eixample and Via Laietana this is an up and coming area and apartments are very sought after at this time. Although it has become popular with tourists in recent years it is still a place where many people live and work in Barcelona have decided to make their home.

The next neighbourhood you may want to consider looking at for apartments to rent is that known as El Raval. Certainly if you are someone who likes art then this area of the city is for you. Some dramatic changes have occurred in this part of the city in the last few years and is now home to many artists, musicians and designers.

The great thing about this part of the city it has quite a high immigrant population and as a result finding apartments here that are relatively inexpensive to rent on a long term basis shouldn’t be difficult. But be prepared you may find occasionally that some repairs are needed. But if you have employed a good agency to deal with your rental they should arrange for these to be carried out for you.

apartmentIf you would prefer to be closer to the sea, then I would recommend that you look at apartments for rent in the Barceloneta neighbourhood. The apartments here tend to be much newer and of course more stylish, but they do come at a cost. Also you may find that the apartments aren’t as large as some of the older ones available to rent in areas of the city that I have spoken about above.

For those of you who are moving to Barcelona with your family then the area known San Cugat. Getting from here to the centre of the city is very easy as you can catch the Ferrocail. In this part of the city you will find that you have a much better selection of properties to choose from compared to what would be available to you if you decided to live in Barcelona itself. As for the kids there is a very good international school located in this neighbourhood.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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