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Affordable home decoration stores in Barcelona

Written by Paula

Here at ShBarcelona, we know that finding an apartment or a room to rent in Barcelona is not an easy task. There is a constant influx of people moving into the city or changing homes, which means that you have to be at the top of your house-hunting game and always be on the lookout for the latest listings.

Depending on your budget, you may have to end up settling for something that is not exactly the place of your dreams. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to turn your new room or apartment into a space that you enjoy spending all of your free time in. Here is a selection of affordable home decoration stores in Barcelona where you can find items to help you make your new place your own.

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Photo by studiohzwei via Visualhunt

One of the most famous home decoration stores in the world, Ikea offers items for all of the rooms in the house at very affordable prices. Beds, sofas, curtains, dishes, mirrors, cutlery, candles, plants and even toys – at Ikea you will find a bit of everything you need for your house. Be sure to reserve a couple of hours for your visit the store not only because it is very big but because of the way that it is built. The people who created the layout of the Ikea stores had a great sense of marketing, designing them in a maze-like shape, which makes the customers have to go through the entire store, walking by every single section in order to get to what they came looking for and then to be able to exit. For some people, this represents a big hassle, but we at ShBarcelona love going through every inch of the Ikea, exploring all the latest arrivals. The store’s products are so nice and their prices are so low that, if you are anything like us, you will end up purchasing more than you initially planned to.

Location: Polígon Montigalà, at Calle Luxemburg in Badalona.

Deko Palace

Deko Palace is a German home decoration store that opened in 2014 in Barcelona. This massive two-storey shop offers a variety of decoration items with a rustic touch for the house and garden, like paintings, cushions, towels, kitchen utensils and even gag gifts and gadgets. They also have their own line of affordable furniture and are available to build custom furniture to meet every client’s needs.

Deko Palace is located at Avenida Diagonal, 458.

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Photo via Pexels

Primark is an Irish clothing retailer that was founded in Dublin in June of 1969. The brand sells contemporary fast fashion at incredibly low prices, attracting millions of customers every year. Primark has a section dedicated to home decoration, where you can find pillows, cushions, paintings, bathmats, candles, rugs, sheets, blankets and the most adorable duvet covers. If you are planning to shop at Primark, try to go during the week and if you can, before 5 pm, to avoid the massive crowds that clog up the store at afterwork hours and during the weekends, which sometimes causes insanely large lines simply to enter the shop.

Location: Diagonal Mar shopping center at Avenida Diagonal, 3, and at L’Illa shopping center, at Calle Déu I Mata, 69-99.


Tiger is a Danish store that offers items in different sections like party, Christmas, do it yourself, stationery, kids, bath, kitchen, decoration, electronics, and snacks. At Tiger, you can find home decoration items such as knitted stools, picture frames, cushions, wooden boxes, candles, hangers, blankets and more. Much like IkeaTiger‘s products are displayed on shelves and hangers in a maze-like venue. You won’t take as long to go through a Tiger store as you would at Ikea because Tiger doesn’t have as wide a selection of products as the Swedish furniture store. Still, the journey taken at each Tiger store is almost always a cheerful, amusing one, in which you will discover a variety of quirky products that are so cheap that they will be hard to resist.

Location: Carrer Comtal 32, and Carrer del Consell de Cent, 341, among others.

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