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Best classes for seniors in Barcelona

Written by Paula

Senior citizens have plenty to do in the city of Barcelona. There are a number of great outdoor places to visit, great beaches to lie around tanning in, nice parks for a leisurely stroll, and a number of museums, art galleries and other monuments to please any culture lover, no matter what age they are.

For those who want to remain even more active, learn something new or perhaps hone their skills in a particular subject, there are a variety of classes to choose from. Here are our choices of the best classes for seniors in Barcelona.

Handicraft classes

Photo via Pexels

Seniors who appreciate the artistic monuments created by genius Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí will love taking a class at Mosaiccos, a workshop created by a German artist in which students learn the art of mosaic making and the famous Spanish trencadís technique often used by the famous architect. At the end of the workshop, each participant will be able to take their mosaic creation home with them.

A different option is to take a knitting class at All you knit is love. This delightful little venue located in the Ciutat Vella district offers a number of classes in Spanish, Catalan and in English.

Another interesting way to put your hands to work is by enrolling in pottery classes in Barcelona. Forma offers not only pottery classes but also teaches sculpture-making, drawing, and painting. They even offer pottery classes from a distance, for those who can’t make it to the school. Another interesting pottery school in the city is Motoko Araki, which teaches students how to create Japanese pottery.

Language classes

It is never too late to learn how to speak a new language or to improve your knowledge of a language you may already have some notions of. If you are not a native English speaker, you may be interested in the English Senior Course offered by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, for beginners over 50 years old. If the language you are interested in learning is Spanish, then Camino Barcelona is a good choice for you, offering Spanish classes for mature students.

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Cooking classes

Photo via Pexels

Most adult people already know how to cook, some better than others. If you want to develop your cooking skills or learn how to cook a specific type cuisine, there is a great offer of classes available in Barcelona. BCNKitchen, for example, offers a variety of classes for those who want to learn more about the cuisine from Spain, Thailand, Japan, for those who want to deepen their knowledge of how to cook pasta, rice, or sushi. Barcelona Cooking also offers excellent classes and tours that will you immerse you in Spanish cuisine, offering you the opportunity to learn how to prepare traditional dishes and tapas, enjoy great wine, and visit the historic Boqueria Market.

Dance classes

If you are an energetic senior, then maybe what you need is to get down and boogie. Barcelona will not disappoint you in what comes to dancing classes. Do you want to learn how to Swing? Then go to Swing Maniacs. Is Salsa more of your thing? Then try Ritmos Barcelona. Looking for something more passionate? Then go to Milonga del Mar for some Tango classes. Want to move like an American? Try some Line Dancing at Seven Dance. Feel like clapping fiercely and stomping your feet? Then go the Flamenco route with Barcelona Flamenco. There are plenty of other schools that teach different styles, like Classical Dance, Bachata, Jazz, or even Burlesque, if you are feeling daring.

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Art classes

Photo via Pexels

Any time of life is a great time to develop an artistic skill. Barcelona has great photography courses, both short and long, for those who want to learn how to snap that perfect picture. We suggest Barcelona Photography Courses or Max Studio.

If you prefer to put pencil to paper, then perhaps Life Drawing Barcelona will tickle your fancy. This is a Meetup group with over 4.000 members, offering regular classes for people of all levels of experience. They offer classes at 10€, which includes all the material necessary, and you can attend a class whenever you please, not having to pay monthly fees.

If you always enjoyed watercolors, you may enjoy taking a watercolor painting class yourself. A good option is Plein-Air Watercolour Barcelona, which offers classes taught by artist Paul Raymonde and his wife Angela. Their classes are open to both beginners and experienced painters who will have the opportunity to recreate some of the city’s most beautiful landscapes and historic sites on the canvas.

As you can see, there is no lack of offer of classes to keep you entertained, allowing you to make the most out of you golden years in Barcelona.

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