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Best Ways to Learn Spanish in Barcelona – For Free

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Written by Sophie H

So you’ve arrived in beautiful Barcelona ready to start your Spanish adventure but you don’t know how to speak the language – don’t worry. 

Whilst it may be tempting to panic and book yourself onto a pricey, intensive Spanish course, this isn’t the only way!

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Learning the language needn’t cost a fortune! From meetups to Spanish speaking exchange, here are some savvy ways you can learn Spanish for free.

So keep reading this article by ShBarcelona to know more if you’re interested!

Where to learn Spanish in Barcelona for free

Spanish unlimited

The online platform from Spanish Unlimited is a very easy way to learn Spanish for free whatever your level. 

It offers free Spanish courses with video lessons, vocabulary games, Spanish jokes, recipes and other fun ways that will all help you improve your Spanish.

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For those with some Spanish already, you can take their free online test to see where your current level is at, to start your studies at the right level. 

You’ll see noticeable and quick improvements after regular practice – all you need to do is sign up!

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No Comprendo

No Comprendo is another fantastic and free online Spanish course, particularly for beginners, full of learning tools and useful resources. 

Choose between following a course lesson by lesson or search for a particular lesson or subject such as sports, nature, film, music, food, fashion and clothes to make your learning specific to you.

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Alandum is an online resource that can help you learn Spanish for free in a number of different ways; from events, meetups, teachers and academies and even connecting you to host families whom you can stay with if you want full immersion for the first few weeks you are here.

Simply search by location and the language you want to learn and it will find language events, language schools and people in your area who are keen to meet and practice Spanish with you (in exchange for English).

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Join a language exchange group

Learning a language on your own can be a challenge, which is why joining a language exchange group on sites like is brilliant to connect you to like-minded people who are also looking to learn and swap language skills.

Not only will you get the chance to have fun, meet new people and practice speaking Spanish but you can also start to understand colloquial sayings, body language, and culture that you wouldn’t necessarily get to hear about learning online.

Meetup has a lot of free language exchange groups, all you need to do is sign up and go along!

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Duo Lingo

Duo Lingo is a free app that you can download onto your phone so you can learn Spanish for free wherever you are and on-the-go! 

The app splits its free Spanish course down into themed units such as work, education, sports and increases in difficulty as it tracks your progress.

The focus here is not on grammar, but on making the learning process as simple and quick to use as possible with keywords for daily scenarios. Commit to 20 minutes a day and you can finish all the lessons in around 3-4 months!

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Full immersion

Last but not least, although it may be an obvious one, it’s easy to overlook the benefits that immersing yourself in the language can bring to your understanding and communication skills.

Listen to Spanish radio and music, read Spanish magazines (a lot of hairdressers, nail salons and cafes will have them available for customers) and books, watch Spanish films and cook from Spanish recipes.

All these are simple, easy ways you can engage with the language and what’s more, you are learning Spanish for free!

What is your favourite way of learning a new language?
Tell us about other free Spanish courses you know of!

About the author

Sophie H

Sophie is a native English freelance writer, PR consultant, personal trainer and yoga teacher / therapist living and loving life in Barcelona.


  • Hi sir I m Jerry live in Pakistan I want study Spanish in Spain can I get admission with your school what can I do first and how can I get visa to come Spain please reply me thank you regards Jerry

  • Hello sir I am from Gambia and living in Mataro and I am 22 years old I want to learn Spanish how can you help me

    • Hello Lamin,
      Check out the links in the article for the best option for you.

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