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Swing Dancing Classes in Poble Sec

Swing in The Name of Fun
Written by Brian S

In a country known for the famous flamenco, dancing is part of the ritual of life. Spain is passionate about their music, their dancing, and everything filled with life. The people take pride in the past and historic trends that survive into a new century. Jazz music is still big in Barcelona and brings along with it swing dancing, a tradition going back to the years between the two World Wars that comes in various forms.  So if you want to pick up the steps of this style or just love to dance, here are a few of the best swing dancing classes in Poble Sec. 

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Table of Contents

Swing Maniacs

Let's Swing!

Photo by Jonathan V. Photo via Visualhunt

Swing Maniacs is one of the most notable dance schools in the city, offering multiple dance classes for a large number of students including jazz-based dances. Founded by two professional dancers and passionate fans of swing, the school is a place for anyone who loves to dance and for those who are curious and want to try something new. They start from beginner levels and go all the way up to intense, advanced lessons. You can sign up for quarterly or monthly classes and they have an updated schedule with events and locations for shows. Swing Maniacs has multiple locations around the city, including one in Poble-Sec.

Addresses: Carrer Roger de Flor, 293 – 08025

Spank The Baby

Photo by Professor Bop via Visualhunt

At Spank The Baby, dance lovers have a place to get into the “swing” of things with their Lindy Hops, jitterbugs, boogies, and Charleston dance classes for groups, individuals, and kids. They have continuous new events every month and they appear at dance festivals throughout the city. Professionals, newbies, and casual dancers can pick up the steps to different music styles from jazz to rock. Spank the Baby is proud to promote a throwback to the past for all those who enjoy celebrating a freeform era.

Addresses: Carrer de Vistalegre, 18 Baixos – 08001

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The history of jazz and the swing has been around to the music of jazz from its inception. Its high tempo movements all over make the swing an appealing dance with the rhythm of the beat at a seemly forever crescendo from start to finish. It may be an American concept, but swing music is global, its dance is exciting, and for Barcelona, is just another form of expression they can adopt on their own and master as much as any other dance.

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Brian S

Brian Susbielles is a freelance writer who loves global politics, foreign movies, and Led Zeppelin

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