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The Best Beaches of El Maresme

Written by Daniella

Barcelona’s beaches are one of its main attractions. La Costa Central is the name for the beaches of Barcelona, and between this coast and the Costa Brava you will find the region of El Maresme. This is good news, because there are more excellent beaches for you to enjoy, at only a relatively short distance from the Catalan capital. So today, this article by ShBarcelona will tell you more about the best beaches of El Maresme. Take your time to discover the beaches and coastal towns of El Maresme, when you visit the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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Visit the beaches of El Maresme, just north of Barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

The Maresme comarca is the area between the coastal mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea, and it comprises every municipality between Montgat and Malgrat de Mar. Being so close to the Catalan capital means public transport works perfectly if you want to take a trip, because the train runs all along the coast. Many people from Barcelona decided to live in El Maresme as it is a more peaceful place to live without losing the proximity of the sea. And with the splendid Mediterranean climate you get to enjoy mild winters and warm and humid summers, autumn and spring being the rainiest seasons. The beaches of the Maresme coast are wide and long. There is quite coarse sand, which is ideal for your towel, as it is easier to get rid of the sand when you are ready to head back to your accommodation. There is usually a small zone to walk on at the beach, but be careful, because once you enter the water, there can be a big difference in sand levels under water, meaning you must be able to swim. You will find many beach bars and restaurants with excellent seafood all along the coast of El Maresme. And besides this, some municipalities have charming promenades, authentic plazas and historic places to visit. Numerous streams flow into the sea in the Maresme region, and during the rainy season this can cause problems. Pay attention to the weather forecast, and be cautious when looking for a place to park your car, as dry stream or river beds can flood quickly with storms.

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Photo via Pixabay

As there are many interesting beaches near Barcelona, we would like to point out a few lovely beaches on the Maresme coast. El Paseo de los Ingleses is located in the town of Caldes d’Estrac, and it became famous for its thermal baths. It obtained its name because of the number of English tourists, who, mesmerised by the beauty of the whole region, decided to live in Caldes. They have built beautiful homes right at the seafront, and many of them are in Modernist or noucentista style, but with a few English touches here and there. Some of these houses are still here, as they have not yet been replaced by apartments. And they will make you fall in love with this beautiful promenade, with its wide and relaxed beach alongside, instantly. Another beach is Playa de las Rocas Blancas, located between the towns of Canet and Sant Pol de Mar. It is a sandy, quite isolated beach, and it does not have a promenade. It looks very natural and it is barely 300 metres long. You will discover a unique and exclusive area here, surrounded by rocks and the clearest water. When you visit El Maresme, this is one of the best places to enjoy a nice long day at the beach. Our last recommendation is Playa de Calella, and it consists of a group of coves, called Rocapins, La Vinyeta, Cala d’en Pere (a nudist beach) and Roca Grossa. You will find these coves south of the Calella lighthouse. The sand is not coarse, but fine, and you can swim between the rocky areas that surround these coves.

Have you been to the beaches of El Maresme yet? Which is best?

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