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Why you should visit Parc de Les Aigües

Written by Karen

Parks for kids in Barcelona - Parc de Les AigüesThe glorious season of spring in Barcelona is now upon us. It’s a time where we’re starting to see the days become longer, the trees get greener as well as the packing away of all of our winter woolies. Coupled with the fresh and crisp air that still lingers in the mornings and the promise of warm and sunny afternoons, there’s no better time to enjoy the outdoors at one of Barcelona’s green spaces. In addition to the well-known Parc de la Ciutadella, one of Barcelona’s most idyllic and greenest places, there’s another green pocket you may like to check out. Parc de Les Aigües is the perfect spot for some well-deserved rest and relaxation for any urban wanderer looking for a park that’s less frequented by the masses. This green space, which translates to ‘Park of the Water’ in English, is in the Barcelona city neighbourhood of Horta-Guinardó and conveniently located right next to the Alfons X metro stop.

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What’s there to do?

Parks for exercise in Barcelona - Parc de Les AigüesParc de Les Aigües, which has been uniquely designed to fit its hilly terrain, features a series of terraces. Each independent terrace has a different purpose, some with gardens, walking paths and bench seating, and others marked as areas for children to run, play and enjoy the onsite activity equipment. Up the higher end of the park is a large open space equipped with table tennis stations. It’s also at this more elevated level where you can enjoy some lovely city views as well as spot the impressive towers of the Sagrada FamiliaParc de Les Aigües is the place to go if you’re looking for a quiet spot to wander, a new area to walk your dog or an outdoor space for your young ones to run around freely. It can also make for a pleasant Sunday afternoon picnic spot, by picking up a roasted chicken and vegetables at a nearby pollería to enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the spring sunshine.

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What’s the history?

Parc de Les Aigües in BarcelonaParc de Les Aigües, which has been open to the public for nearly 40 years, has its origins as the gardens and plant nursery of the Companyia d’Aigües of Barcelona. The company’s premises, which formed its base as one of the city’s water suppliers, was constructed at the end of the 19th century and built over two large water tanks. At the time, it also served as the residence of the company’s president who wanted to live in a green space with gardens and animals. Today, the park has transformed into an area for the community to enjoy, with some distinctive vegetation types that may be of interest to nature lovers. You’ll see a variety of fruit trees including oranges and figs as well as different types of cypress and laurel trees.

How to get there?

Parc de Les Aigües is located at Plaça d’Alfons el Savi, 3. From the city centre, take the yellow metro line (L4) in the direction of Trinitat Nova and get off at Alfons X, which is just a few metres away from the park’s entrance. You may like to make the trip back via a short stroll down Carrer de l’Alcalde de Móstoles and Carrer de la Marina that takes you directly to the Sagrada Familia metro stop, right in front of Barcelona’s iconic cathedral. 

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Karen is a writer with a love for music, travel and vermouth on Sundays, who lives and works in Barcelona.

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