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Ecological farms in the Maresme

Written by Christine

Many people have the idea that buying organic or ecological products is expensive or a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.  As we move forward, more and more people are interested in ecological products for many reasons, varying from health to protecting the environment.  There are many farmers in the Maresme and surrounding areas of Barcelona that are committed to growing produce that is healthy for the body and the earth at a reasonable price.  Fruits, vegetables, eggs, and more can be found at these small farms, with the promise of something that is good for you and for Mother Earth.

Cal Elies

Ecological farmLocated in Argentona outside of Mataró, Cal Elies is an ecological farm focused on growing produce in a way that respects the natural environment.  You can stop by for a visit on Fridays from 4-7 p.m. or on Saturdays from 9-2 p.m.  Cal Elies offers a wide variety of fruits, veggies, and herbs, but you can also find homemade products like cremas, bread, and sofrito.  Since the farm is only open two days a week you can order online ahead of time.  Products can be ordered by the unit or by weight, or you can order pre-packaged baskets for €14 or €22.  No matter what you choose, every product is certified to be fresh and organic.

Marina Figueroa

Fruit basketMarina Figueroa is a specialist in huertos urbanos, or turning urban spaces into areas that can be used to grow produce.  On her website you can find tips to help you create your own garden no matter how much (or little) space you have to work with.   She believes in sustainable growing to keep both the body and earth happy and healthy.  On Marina’s website you can order whatever you want and put it in a basket, which can then be delivered to you for free; delivery is currently offered in Barcelona, Sabadell, and Sant Cugat.  In addition to fresh produce she offers ecologically produced wine, olive oil, nuts, and soaps.  Reasonably priced for a good value, Marina Figueroa is a great option, especially if you’re short on time to shop.

El Bròquil

Delivery serviceEl Bròquil is located in Mataró, so you can stop by the farm or visit their stands at the market in Plaça de Cuba or Mercat del Palau.  Similar to the other farms on this list you can order a basket online, but the baskets are already pre-made so you won’t have the option to select your own produce.  The most basic basket costs €12 with an assortment of fruits and vegetables.  Bigger baskets include the fruits and veggies but also eggs and homemade jams and preserves.  El Bròquil’s website offers traditional Catalan recipes that include the fresh and healthy produce that they grow.  You can also sign up for their newsletter to receive the latest new about products, offers, or the farm itself.

L’Horta de Can Puig

Ecological eggsThis certified-organic farm has been cultivating sustainable products since 1952.  L’Horta de Can Puig is located in Arenys de Mar in the Maresme and and has a delivery service to certain parts of the comarca, from Santa Susanna to Premià.  You can go online, fill up your basket with fresh fruits and vegetables, and as long as your order is worth €10 or more it can be delivered to you for free.  The farm is open for visits Monday-Friday from 1:30-2:30 in the morning and 7-8:30 in the afternoon.  In addition to fruits and vegetables you can also purchase legumes like beans and peas as well as farm-fresh eggs.  As all of the other farms mentioned, L’Horta de Can Puig is certified by the Consell Català de la Producció Agrària Ecològica.

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Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!

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