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Walking Tours of Barcelona

Written by James

Barcelona is a beautiful city to live or visit for a number of reasons. The city receives fantastic weather throughout the year and has a very sociable climate. Barcelona is home to some of the most inspiring architecture in all of Europe, if not the world. The city also contains some of the most invigorating and interesting art galleries and museums. However, most people are not aware of the beautiful scenic walks found in and around the city, and this article will suggest some of the most worthwhile routes. There will also be information given about finding a Barcelona apartment to rent whilst in the city.

Natural Parks

The Montserrat Park is located outside of Barcelona city. It takes approximately forty minutes to reach the Montserrat Mountains and from here visitors can sign up for the Panoramic walk. This route takes between three to four hours to complete and visits the Sant Benet chapel. The Collserola Natural Park offers tours half-day tours and notable views over the city skyline and Mediterranean forest. The walk visits heritage sites including Romanesque churches and other areas of interest. It’s a good idea to check with the walk organisers that any walk you are considering on participating in is suitable for all members of your party, as some walks will be inapt for very young children or older people. Prices for walks through natural parks in and around Barcelona will vary, but you can expect all reputable tours to be at least fifty euro in price. This Expedia guide has a number of links to scenic walking tours in Barcelona and is definitely worth checking out.

Walking Tours in the City

There are also a large number of walking tours that you can participate in within the city itself. These walks are generally focused on an aspect of the city such as its architecture or art galleries, so some time should be spent researching into what’s on offer. The prices for walking tours in the city will be a lot less expensive than those in the natural parks and there a good few available for free. Such walks will generally last for a shorter period of time than those in the natural parks. Visitors are advised to read this piece on Trip Advisor detailing the more notable walking tours in the city.

Finding Accommodation

Regardless of if you are a resident of Barcelona, or are just planning on visiting the city for a short trip, it is important to find accommodation suitable for you and your party. If you are unsure about how long you wish to stay in Barcelona then I highly advise you to contact an agency such as ShBarcelona, who have multiple properties to rent for varied lengths of time. Prices are quite competitive and the company is involved in Barcelona real estate and has apartments available to buy if you are thinking about a permanent move to the city.


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