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Dive Into Barcelona’s China Town

Written by Mario

Want to take a mini-trip to China? If you’ve traveled before, chances are you have come across China Towns in major cities around the world, especially in America. You may think there is no China Town in Barcelona, but the fact is that there is one and it’s growing.

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Barcelona’s China Town is a great place to visit whether you’re into exploring Chinese cuisine or if you are a Chinese citizen who needs support in all manners of business in your native tongue.

The easiest way to get to China Town is by taking Line 1 or FGC (local train) and getting off at Arc de Triomf, or by taking Line 2 and getting off at Tetuan. Keep reading this article by ShBarcelona to know what else you can find in China Town.

Discover China Town in Barcelona

Asian Supermarkets

For those of you looking for ingredients for a stir-fry or some other Asian dish, there are several Asian supermarkets you can explore. You’ll find most of the food labels in either English and/or Spanish.

Chinese Sauces

Photo via Visualhunt

It’s also good to know that the products found here are often cheaper and more authentic than what you find at Carrefour, Mercadona, or similar food chains.

Especially impressive are the assortments of exotic sauces and Jiaozi (Chinese dumplings). Three good options to start with are Yuen Tong (Carrer Napols 177), Honesto (Carrer de la Diputacio 342), and Yang Kuang (Passieg de Sant Joan 12).

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Chinese Cuisine

If you want to go enjoy some fresh Chinese, there are dozens of restaurants to try. One of the best and most affordable is Chen Ji, where you can eat for under 10€ per meal.

chinese noodles

Photo via Pixabay

A popular dish there is the freshly made fried noodles! You can also find another Asian cuisine outside China Town.

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Other Chinese Services

If you’re Chinese and visiting Barcelona or just arriving to the city, there are a multitude of services waiting for you. 

There are services ranging from travel agencies, real-estate firms, insurance companies, hairdressers and more!

Chinese Services

Photo via Visualhunt

Outside of China Town, you’ll also find many bazars run by Chinese, where you can get affordable household goods and sometimes even clothing.

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Have you been to China Town in Barcelona?
Tell us about your experience!

About the author


Mario is a multi-talented Swiss raised in NY, currently living in Barcelona. He is pursuing a career as a maker and tech educator, which merges his love of technology and education.


  • Hi Mario, I am planning to visit Barcelona exactly a month from now. Can you please tell me the safest neighborhoods with low crime rates in Barcelona.

    Thank you

  • Hi Michael, I am Laura from Barcelona. You don’t have to be afraid almost any where. Just take care of your things in crowded areas like Ramblas or in the subway by thieves. Enjoy it!

    Mario cool reading!

  • Hi Mario, I have planned to visit Barcelona from 22 to 27Dec . Is the weather very cold and wet? Which is the best area to stay where I get walk to most of the attractions? Shops should be closed during the Christmas period?

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