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Museum of Funeral Carriages

Written by Thompson Crowley

Barcelona is a city full of culture and historical landmarks. There are a variety of interesting museums in the city, all covering different subjects. You have your more typical ones, such as  the Maritime Museum, the Archaeology Museum, and then you have the unusual ones, like the Chocolate Museum and the Marijuana and Hash Museum. But perhaps the most unusual of all the museums in Barcelona is the Museu de Carrosses Fúnebres (Museum of Funeral Carriages).

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Where is it?

Photo by Internet Archive Book Images via

Photo by Internet Archive Book Images via Visualhunt

The Museu de Carrosses Fúnebres is located on Carrer de la Mare de Déu de Port, in front of the Cementiri del Sud-Oest on Montjuïc. If you ask at the main reception desk of the Ajuntament’s funeral service, someone will come to take you down to the basement where it is situated. It’s best to call ahead, as opening times are short and often change. But don’t let this put you off, the museum is well worth the visit.

What’s it like inside?

As you must imagine, the museum is a little eerie, with a ghostly feel. There are pale dummies located around the dimly lit area, sadly mourning alongside the different displays. All the walls are painted a melancholy off-white colour, amplifying the spooky lighting, and lanterns hang from the various pillars casting stray shadows.

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Photo by mrflip via Visual hunt

Photo by mrflip via Visualhunt

The museum holds the world’s largest collection of funeral carriages from a variety of eras. The earliest ones date from as far back as the late 18th century, displaying all the pomp and splendor of those who could afford to splash out on their final journey. They also have more modern hearses, such as a metallic Buick, plus other earlier motorized contraptions. Particularly interesting features are the baroque carriages and the enigmatic black windowless mourning carriage, as well as the white carriages designed for children and virgins. The detail and craftsmanship you’ll see are truly incredible.

For more information please call the museum.

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Thompson is a musician from the U.K who fell in love with Barcelona. He is constantly discovering new things in the city, which he shares with the readers through his articles.

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