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The hidden allure of Barcelona

The Hidden Allure of Barcelona
Written by Laurat

Barcelona is one of those cities that people instantly fall in love with.  There’s actually something magical about the city.  I would say that there’s some sort hidden people magnet planted deep inside one of the mountains in Catalunya.

When meeting other internationals in the city, don’t be surprised when you hear of unusual stories about what exactly brought them here.  If you’re a social butterfly, always meeting and talking with people, you might stumble across bizarre stories of relocation love, digital nomad travels, cross country travel experiments, or just people running away from the dullness of their home cities or lives.  Yes, people are running away from their lives to Barcelona, and they’re loving the change.

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people watching Barcelona

Barcelona is vibrant.  From the spunky architecture by Gaudi, to a progressive startup culture and arts scene, Barcelona is one of those cities where you can meet anyone from just about anywhere in the world.  They’re being pulled by the magnet.

Loneliness is definitely not an option in Barcelona.  There’s always something going on.  Not only will you get a whisk of late night Catalan culture (they’re known for being the night owls of Europe), but there’s always something going on.  Music venues, funky pubs, Catalan theatre, food (so much food), clubs, museums and lots and lots of people. If you just sit on a bench at Las Ramblas, and watch the diverse array of people go by on any given day or evening, that alone will kill any thoughts of loneliness. Once again, I think it has something to do with the people magnet that’s hidden somewhere in the mountains of Monistrol Montserrat.

These are just some of the few things that make Barcelona so lovable.  If you don’t believe in love at first sight, please reconsider.  I didn’t even get to mention the main attraction for many; the weather and beaches.  It’s not quite easy to get a bustling cosmopolitan city with great weather and a beach all in one.  Some of the beaches are literally walking distance from the city’s center.

Night sports in BarcelonaWhen asking people what they love about Barcelona, the competitive prices for food, clothes and fun is the main keeper. Comparing Barcelona to cities such as Brussels, Stockholm, London, Copenhagen and even Milan, is a no-brainer.  The weather, comparable prices, a large international community and Catalan culture mixed all in one make Barcelona one of those must see, must visit, and even must live in cities.

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