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Barcelona’s Monthly Weather Averages

Written by James

If you live in Barcelona, Spain, plan to move there, or are planning a vacation or visit, it is always great to know what the best months to visit are according to their expected weather patterns.

Barcelona is considered a warm temperate subtropical climate and on average it is one of the best climates of the whole of Europe.

Being located on the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, the West winds of the Atlantic often arrive without the humidity and produce only a little bit of rain.

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This article will look at Barcelona’s average temperatures and other weather aspects to help you make your vacation rentals (or preparations for a long term stay) in Barcelona an easier task.

The weather in Barcelona, Spain

Winter Weather

The winters on average are mild with Barcelona’s temperatures during December, January and February a balmy 14C during the day. Although the temperatures do drop at night down to on average 5F.

rain in the streets of Barcelona

Photo by Karsten Knöfler via Visualhunt

During the day however, snow events are very rare and even frost has never been recorded to remain during the day. On average throughout the winter, the temperature only dips below 10C on four days.

December – February

Beginning in December, the temps continue to fall, mostly during the nights as they grow colder through December. Day time highs reach 15C while nighttime lows average 6C, but the rainy season is over and sunshine is typical.

clouds over barcelona

Photo by jeroen_bennink via Visualhunt

January arrives with true subtropical winter when day time temperatures reach 14C and nighttime temps on average are only 5C.

Average daylight hours, although only 10 hours, is still two hours longer than most other European capitals including London, Paris and Berlin all at only 8 hours during the winter.

February is where the winter bottoms out with the same average temperatures as January but with an extra hour of daylight.

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Spring/Autumn Weather Averages

The spring and fall Barcelona weather averages are typical transition months for a subtropical climate. The spring months include March and April and the fall months include October and November.

snow on beach barcelona

Photo by carolina naftali via Visualhunt

The monthly temperature averages across all four months are comparable, ranging from averages of 17-18C in March and April and 22-17C for October and November.

However the rainy season comprises much of October and November, making them possibly the least desirable of the year, as it can be cold and wet.

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Summer Weather Averages

The summer in Barcelona is long and in its middle quite hot. Running from May to September, it starts and ends warm and gets hot in the middle.

Average daily high temperatures start in May at a balmy 21C, running up to a hot 28C in August and cooling some to 26C in September.

If you love the beach and tropical sun for tanning, July and August are your best months to visit, especially as the local crowds in August thin as many locals take their vacations. For a nice balance of sun and warmth any other summer month is great.

beach in barcelona

Photo by Jeanne Menjoulet via Visualhunt

So whether you plan on moving to Barcelona and are looking for a flat rental or just a great vacation rental in Barcelona, being aware of the weather in this subtropical paradise can help you plan for the few months of the year when it’s a little cold or wet, and enjoy the summer paradise most of the rest of the year. 

You can visit the website mentioned in this article to check what Barcelona’s weather by month is, so you can figure out what to pack once you know in what season you will be visiting this lovely city. Don’t forget, it does sometimes rain!

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