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Activities to Welcome Spring

Written by Daniella

Soon, one of the most beautiful seasons of the year will finally arrive: spring! This season, which begins on March 20, is one of the most joyful, because the days will get longer and longer, and the weather will be softer every day. Flowers will start to bloom and trees will get leaves again, which makes a walk through the beautiful parks of the Catalan capital become a real delight. Spring is one of the seasons, that invite people to do more outdoor activities again, since temperatures are usually enjoyable, without being too overwhelming, as they can be in summer. And that is exactly why today, ShBarcelona wants to share some ideas to welcome spring this year.

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Enjoy spring with these activities

Photo via Pixabay

Spring, with its long and sunny days, is an excellent opportunity to explore some outdoor activities. There are many things that you can do with friends or family in the coming months, and they can be for all ages and tastes. First of all we want to propose an activity in nature, close to Barcelona, ​​and where you will be in direct contact with animals. Horse riding is an activity with many advantages, as it can be very therapeutic for many people with certain problems. Horse therapy is also called equine therapy or hippotherapy, where trained horses help you rehabilitate and handle different problems. It can be a physical aspect, from improving muscles or balance, but it can also help people with psychological problems, like autistic children or people with addictions or a mental illness. In Barcelona you can ride horses in many different areas, but the best location is the trails of the Collserola mountain range. At Equus Aventura you can find more information and other alternatives for a spring day in the Catalan capital.

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Photo via Pixabay

Another fun activity is to take a 4×4 through different areas of the province of Barcelona. This is ideal for those who like nature and would like to explore landscapes, that otherwise could not be easily accessed. In addition, traveling in a 4×4 is always fun and exciting, especially if it is driven by an expert 4×4 driver. has many more ideas to explore the province of Barcelona. You will get to know the area in ​​a different and more adventurous way. Finally, we would also like to suggest a very peaceful activity, especially if you like birds. Spring is an ideal season to enjoy their singing and to discover different species that live in the forests, near rivers and swamps of the Catalan autonomous region. Ornithology is an activity that many people can benefit from. It is a serene way to spend a few hours, and it also brings a bit of distraction to the mind, for whoever needs it. If you look online at Deltacleta, you can also find several options for more calm activities or rent a bike. Without a doubt, spring is the perfect season to discover the natural treasures around you, which usually go more or less unnoticed.

What other activity would you suggest for spring?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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