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Where to find cheapest fruit markets in Barcelona

Fruit Market Barcelona
Written by James

Are you going to spend more than a week exploring all that Barcelona has to offer? If you are, then of course you won’t want to be eating out every night, especially if you like to follow a healthy lifestyle. In cases like you may not know this but there are numerous markets around the city where you can purchase good quality fruit and vegetables at prices that are reasonable.

Fruit Market BarcelonaMaybe as soon as we mention the word market you of course automatically think of the Mercat de La Boqueria. This is the most famous market of all them in Barcelona, and is a must for any visitors to the city to spend time in. Needless to say, whether walking or taking the metro after visiting here you may find yourself laden with bags to take back to your apartment.

Instead of doing your shopping here why not explore the area closer to home, along with numerous small greengrocers, you’ll find that most areas of the city have its own market as well. In fact, some of these are quite big, although not as big as Mercat.

All are known as mercats and the most popular of these include Mercat de la Albaceria, situated in Gràcia Travesera, whilst to the north you will find Paseo de Gràcia, then there is San Antonio, which is located on the Carrer Comte D’Urgell.

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All of these have their own websites where you are able to view what products they offer and include maps so actually locating them is very easy. They tend to be open at very similar times, however the market at Paseo de Gràcia is open Monday to Thursday from 07.00 to 14.30 and 17.30 to 20.30, then on Friday and Saturday it is open from 07.00 to 15.00 then from 17.00 to 20.30. As for Sant Antonio this one opens up half an hour before Paseo de Gràcia in the afternoon and doesn’t close at midday on Friday, Saturdays or the day before public holidays.

Parking is available, however you’ll find that at Mercat de la Albaceria, it is free whilst at San Antonio you will be charged unless you can show you spent €30 on more on shopping there. However if you don’t have a car then Paseo de Gràcia is only a short journey on Metro line 4. Make sure that you alight at Joanic and from there it is a short walk to the market. However if you intend to go to San Antonio then again it is a quick trip on Metro Line 2 and you get off at Sant Antoni.

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But as already mentioned each neighborhood within Barcelona does in fact have its own market including the likes of, La Sagrada Familia, Clot, La Trinitat, Santa Caterina, La Barceloneta, Mercè and Mercat de la Albaceria, all of which can easily be found by carrying out a quick search only, as they all belong to Barcelona City Council.

Fruit Market BarcelonaHowever a little bit of advice when it comes to shopping it is best if you go either first thing in the morning when the food is much fresher or late in the evening when you’ll find that the deals being offered are much better.

Apart from these markets and the supermarkets you’ll find that many people from the city are choosing to buy organic grown fruit as well. There are a number of towns, suburbs and Mataró that are situated around 10 minutes away by car that offer such and because they are selling direct the prices charged are very reasonable. One place you may want to consider visit is Marti Rosell. The great thing is no matter what market you choose you are now provided with the opportunity to eat fresh fruit daily.

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