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Where to Read Barcelona News in English

Where to read news in English in Barcelona
Written by Paula

Barcelona is a great city to live in, with a mild Mediterranean weather, beautiful architecture, great food, and an abundance of festivals and activities to take part in. That is why so many foreigners choose it as their new home.

Some people choose to learn the local languages right away, taking Spanish and Catalan lessons, while others prefer to connect more with expats, which will have them speaking more English than any other language.

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If you are part of the latter group, you may find it difficult to keep up to date with what is going on in the world since the major newspapers available in the city are La Vanguardia and El Periodico, which present their news in Castilian or Catalan.

Fortunately, there are newspapers, magazines, and websites that offer the news in English. To help you keep current with the times, here is a list of publications where you can read the news in English in Barcelona.

Barcelona news in English

Metropolitan Barcelona

Metropolitan Barcelona is one of the most popular English-language publications among the international community. The magazine is divided into 10 sections:

  • What’s on, where readers can learn about what is going on in the city, like music, art, festivals, and read reviews and previews;
  • In the city, which gives the readers suggestions of things to do, talks about the best of Barcelona, new businesses in town, streets to visit, and also has a section with discounts and deals; 
  • Features, which cover city matters, culture, history, and sport; 
  • Eating and Drinking, which features a restaurant directory, a bar and club guide, and recipes;
  • Travel, which gives readers tips and suggestions for weekends away and for day trips; 
newspaper english barcelona

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  • Living, which covers business, working, community, education, health, and settling in; 
  • Visiting, which shares practical information with the readers and also gives suggestions of things to do to occupy free time;
  • Magazine, where readers can check the current edition or past editions of the magazine; 
  • Classifieds, where people can look for and post services offers, job offers, etc; 
  • and an A to Z Directory of places in the city

Metropolitan Barcelona has a digital and a printed version out every month.

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Catalan News

Catalan News is the second runner up when it concerns Barcelona news in English. Their news is split up in the following sections: Covid-19, Politics, Society, Business, Life & Style, Culture, Sports, Tech & Science, and In depth.

If you want to receive Barcelona local news in English, you can sign up for their newsletter to receive every little bit of local information in your mailbox.


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El País

El País is a newspaper with editions in Spain, Latin America, and Brazil. The English version is available online, covering topics like economy, science, technology, culture, lifestyle, sports, television, national and international news.

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The Local

The Local is an online newspaper that offers editions in Spanish, English, German, French, Austrian, Italian, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. The newspaper covers national and international news, business, politics, technology, sports, education, health, technology, lifestyle, and society.

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They also have a photo gallery section and a section for job hunting, featuring job ads in several areas like administrative, banking and finance, creative and design, hospitality and travel, human resources, law, marketing and advertising, project management, and even voluntary work.

In the Community section of the newspaper, you can post ads, ask for advice, offer services and more.

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BCN Més is a hip, alternative magazine published in Castilian, Catalan, and in English. No article is translated, each author writes in the language they prefer. In BCN Més you can read about restaurants, bars, cafés, shops, events, art, design, music, workshops, and politics.

The magazine is published monthly, with a printed edition and an online edition. BCN Més prides itself in being completely independent, not being connected to any media groups, companies or the state. At the moment, however, there are not many articles in English.

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Catalonia Today

Managed by chief editor Miquel Berga, Catalonia Today is an English newspaper with more than 10 years of existence. The newspaper’s sections are:

  • News from El Punt Avui; Features, which covers different topics;
  • The Net, covering digital issues;
  • Catalans Abroad, featuring interviews with people who have moved out of Spain; 
  • Foods & Wine
  • My Space, which features articles about people living and working in Catalonia;
newspaper english barcelona

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  • Books;
  • The Eye, a section with small pieces based on featured photos;
  • an Interview section;
  • and Europe-World, a national and international news section. 

Catalonia Today has both an online edition and a printed edition.

As you can see, there are a number of printed and digital options for you to get your news in English in Barcelona, and keep informed about current events.

What is your favourite Spanish newspapers in English?
Do you even read the news in English in Spain?

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