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Everything You Need to Know about the Cruz Roja of Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Cruz Roja is Spanish for Red Cross, the worldwide humanitarian organization founded to help humans around the globe who are suffering in times of war, famine, natural disasters, and other crises. Spain played a role in the growth of the Red Cross when they signed the Geneva Convention treaty of 1864 for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded in Armies in the Field.” From 1981 to 1987, Enrique de la Mata, and from 2001-2009, Juan Manuel del Toro, served as Head of the International Red Cross, which has field offices in almost every country and 17 million volunteers.

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Work or Volunteer for Cruz Roja Barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

In order to get involved with the Cruz Roja Barcelona, you can go to their Spanish Red Cross portal to obtain information related to volunteering and job opportunities. You will be able to find work helping the Red Cross deal with various ongoing cases in the city such as the migrant crisis from Africa where thousands of people have come abroad after being uprooted from their home. All volunteers will work in groups and meet with other non-governmental organizations who specialize in various causes, such as migration, homelessness, and medical care.

“Volunteering is a boomerang of life and returning to others,” according to the Spanish Red Cross. They encourage many people to become volunteers and give back to their community in any way they can. Come to their base at C/ Joan D’Austria, 120 – 124, and ask them about any volunteering opportunities they may have. 

Becoming A Member

Photo via Pexels

Besides individuals, the Spanish Red Cross also works with companies as part of the joint Red Cross-Business collaboration that does social projects for the benefit of everyone in the city. Some of the businesses involved include Nestle, El Corte Ingles, Abertis, Toyota, TV3, and FC Barcelona. You can also make a monthly donation by filling in the registration form with your personal information and the amount being donated. Once verified, you will be contacted to formally join the Red Cross as a member. You can also help by shopping online at their website where you can buy gifts with all proceeds going to the foundation. 

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Humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality are the seven Fundamental Principles in providing an ethical, operational, and institutional setting for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. It is by following these principles that they approach helping people in need during armed conflict, natural disasters, and other emergencies. Men, women, and children of all ages who are displaced from their homes, victims of sexual violence, or wounded in conflicts, are among the many people that receive the help of the Red Cross each year. The Spanish Red Cross helps those both within their borders and beyond them.

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*Main photo by faceless ekone via Visualhunt

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Brian Susbielles is a freelance writer who loves global politics, foreign movies, and Led Zeppelin


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