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International cuisine

American Fusion in Barcelona

American Food Fusion Barcelona
Written by Enrique

A lot of people travel from all around the world. Believe or not Americans are slowly integrating their traditional cuisine all throughout Barcelona. Traditional dishes such as chili and burgers are proving to be an outstanding success and without a doubt are causing a worth to try ruckus. New American restaurants are popping up through the streets and that delicious smell of barbeque is attracting even the most reluctant audience. It is truly interesting to see how much has this style of cuisine has been growing over the last year. Before it used to be really hard to be able to find a great tasting burger, now you can customize that bad boy however you want.


Have It Your Way

Barcelona is all about providing different strokes for different folks. You can literally find any sort of food anywhere you would like. From classic French cuisine, to Italian classics, from all you can eat Chinese to fresh Japanese teppanyaki, you can eat gourmet in whatever style you like. However, the colossal American style is here to make its impression. Its classic southern barbeque is colliding with the artisanal aspect of Barcelona. Unique and sensational fusions of western cuisine are creating the most delicious dishes.

It used to be almost impossible to find mouth watering BBQ ribs in Barcelona until now. Tender yet crisp southern style ribs can now be found at certain locations in Barcelona. This isn’t it though. Classic Mac and Cheese Louisiana style with a delicious bread crumb crust is making an appearance as well. If this wasn’t enough traditional Texan style chili from across the ocean is rallying the palettes of many American food Steakenthusiasts. The combination of these three dishes provides a true American experience. However, the tastes do not quite end here. Spanish spin offs of these dishes are creating their own unique tastes.

Traditional Meets Liberty

Sandwiches are also part of traditional American foods. Delicious pulled pork sandwiches dripping with coleslaw and Tabasco are beginning to establish themselves as a trendy tapa. Little sliders are being fused with some other flavors that are turning ordinary into extraordinary. The best part of this is that there has not been a need to bash on any style of cuisine. All different styles have been coming together to please their true and only audience, costumers just like you and me. This new culinary revolution is bound to take our palette to places they have never been before.

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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