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Things to do near Barcelona: hiking in Sant Cugat

Written by Adriana

With the arrival of warm summer temperatures, people start doing things outside and less inside as happens during the winter. One of those things is going out of town and enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, whether with family, friends or your partner. Among our proposals to make the most of these activities near Barcelona, there are several routes near Sant Cugat that you will enjoy. Here are some of  ShBarcelona’s recommendations.

From Sant Cugat to Vallvidrera through Collserola (15’71 km): The route, which goes parallels the Riera de Sant Medir goes from the station of Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat in Sant Cugat to the Funicular of Vallvidrera station. On the way, there are many different landscapes but most of the journey you will be surrounded by forest. If you get thirsty halfway and your water reservoir is empty you can fill the canteen in some fountains you’ll find on the path, but not all of them have water. Access to some of them as the de Can Gordi, is problematic for the lush vegetation. Another stop on this route is the Monastery of Sant Cugat, which passes near Pi d’en Xandri, follows the Torre Negra and Torrent de Can Gordi. We also find the chapel and the fountain of San Vincenç del Bosc and Gordi fountain. On the way, you will cross the viaduct Can Ribes surrounding the Arrebassada fountain. From there you step down from the Foster communications tower, Turo of Miralluny and Coll of Vinassa to the Funicular Vallvidrera station.

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2568204Collserola-Serrat d’en Bell (8’27 km): this trip goes from Sant Cugat near the Rabassada road. The trails follow the northern slopes of Collserola Natural Park and pass through the fountains of Sant Vicenç del bosc (water flows only during the rainy season), de l’Ermetà (low flow) and Gordi (it is in poor condition but has flowing water). In our way we also find Can Borrell fountain, almost disappeared. Near Sant Vicenç fountain we will see the Sant Vicenç del bosc chapel’s remains, documented since 986 as San Vicente de Cercedol. On the chapel’s entrance there is a path that comes right behind the fountain. You will also pass through the farmhouse of Can Borrell, now a famous restaurant. There is only a wall left of Can Gordi. Once you have crossed the Sierra de Sant Vicenç, climb to the crest of the Serrat d’en Bell to return to the starting point. Shortly before reaching the farmhouse we will also find Can Bell.

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Font de Can Gordi - CollserolaErmetà, Gordi and San Vincente del Bosc fountains (10’47 km): this trip from Sant Cugat will allow you to know these three sources starting your route in the Plaza Rotary along Can Borrell path up to the farmhouse of the same name. Shortly after leaving, we turn next to the Pi d’en Xandri, a monumental tree that was attacked by a group of thugs. At the Can Borrell farmhouse we find a junction: one of the paths runs left to the hermitages of Sant Medir and Sant Adjutori; on the right, a path climbing up the mountain, which is marked as yellow and white, this is the PR-C38. Follow the trail signs for a while and pass by the Font de l’Ermetà and the Fountain of San Vincenç del Bosc. Behind the latter, there’s a path that goes up to the remains of the chapel with the same name as the fountain, a few meters from there. After that there’s the fountain path from Sant Cugat to Gordi. At this point we follow the PR signals and take the path on the left. Always following the widest path, go up the remains of Gordi (you must pay attention to see them as they are in a bad state) and the fountain is at the bottom of the stream. Passing Gordi, follow the path that goes across the stream to get on the Serrat d’en Bell. Arriving on the crest find a pylon where a road starts that goes up and then down to the Can Gordi path. We take this road to the left which directly leads to Sant Cugat (follow the signs back to the PR).

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