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Best wine bars in Sants

Written by Garry Gallon

If you find yourself strolling through Sants one day and feel like taking a break for a great glass of wine, it’s important to remember that in this neighborhood there are an infinite amount of wine bars. You can drink a glass of vermouth and have brunch, lunch or dinner on any street corner. But if what you really want is an exceptional glass of wine, then read on, for ShBarcelona has rounded up some of the best wine bars in Sants.

La Bodega

A fantastic wine bar not far from Sants is La Bodega, also known as The Cellar of  Frank Petersen. It was set up in 1948, so in this place, they have a fair amount of service experience, and they also have a reputation for having incredibly friendly waiters! The set-up is simple: a great bar with plenty of tables, all surrounded by an insane number of wine barrels. They also have a number of stands where you can view all the wine on offer. The one downside to this great wine bar is that they don’t have a kitchen and the only thing to eat is potato chips and nuts. If you’re looking for fantastic wine, look no further.

La Bodega is located at Carrer del Bisbe de Laguarda, 5.

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Bodega Montferry

Photo by cobaltfish via Visualhunt

Photo by cobaltfish via Visualhunt

One of the oldest wine bars in Sants, Bodega Montferry continues to have enormous success. They are, of course, specialists in wine and vermouth. Also, unlike our previous suggestion, here you can eat like a king. They have a variety of original and delicious sandwiches on offer, and even have a Sandwich of the Day. You can order from a set menu or just snack on simple tapas like patatas bravas.

Bodega Montferry can be found at Carrer de Violant d’Hongria Reina d’Aragó, 105.

Vinito Bcn

We continue our wine bar search with an obligatory visit to Bodega Vinito . Another bar that is positively filled with wine bottles, Vinito offers an incredibly cosy space in which to enjoy the contents! The small bar is incredibly peaceful and great for sampling new wines with friends.

Bodega Vinito is at 

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Photo by Dani Alvarez Cañellas via Visual hunt

Photo by Dani Alvarez Cañellas via Visualhunt

Another well-known wine bar in Sants, Bartoli serves food fresh from the market, and some spectacular wines. And if you like a little music with your drinks, you’re in luck: once a week Bartoli holds a fantastic  live music night.

Bar Bartoli can be found at Carrer del Vallespir, 41.

Now you have an idea of some great wine bars, get to Sants and try them!

About the author

Garry Gallon

A Scotsman living in Barcelona who loves the culture of the city, and finding out about what it has to offer.

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