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The Barcelona Bar Crawl

Written by James

Young or old people from all over the world visit Barcelona for architecture, culture, cuisine and not to be forgotten the infamous Barcelona bar crawl.

If you are one of the people interested in this activity, you might want to like to learn about the best places to do so in the city.

The best clubs

 2730c5b8-84ce-42cc-ac07-8b26ef8901f4There is a big difference between a bar, a club and a pub. Spend some time getting to know the style differences of each in Barcelona with the best clubs available anywhere in the world. If you are looking for a good time travel to BeCool, an amazing medium-sized club that is well known amongst the locals for great DJs, a comic inspiring revolving dance floor, and a great mix of music including electronica, dance, indie, pop, and rock. Show up with a cool haircut and you will blend right in.

Do not let the small dance floor of this next dance club put you off, La Macarena is one of the steamiest clubs in Barcelona. It is rough around the edges feel and the sweat box nature of the club is all forgotten with some of the best local and international talent providing house and techno music with pumping bass where you can literally be dancing beside the DJ.

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The best bars

If you are not into dancing than spending a night in some of the best bars around Barcelona can provide a great backdrop to a night of drinking with great friends. Raim is a former bodega founded in 1886 with tons of character to provide the backdrop for one of the most interesting bars in the Gracia District. Photographs from pre and post-revolution Cuba provide a great eye-pleasing evening and link the great past of Cuba and Catalonia together.

The Café de L’Opera could be your only stop in La Ramblas, the famous party district of Barcelona and you would be satisfied by its amazing history but probably more so by its extensive selection of bottled beer, liquors and spirits. What is the partygoers and revelers on their way from club to club while you sip a 20-year-old scotch, enjoy a cannabis beer, or appreciate a fine wine at this definitive bar.

Barcelona Bar Crawls

If instead, you want to visit as many clubs and bars as possible in one heady evening of excess then you should choose a pub crawl or bar crawl tour as offered by travel agencies, event producers or social engagement agencies. BCN Events and Crawls provide one of the best bar crawls with a great mix of the top bars and ending with a visit to one of the largest nightclubs in the Las Ramblas area. With the VIP entrance pass in a free shot in each location, a good time is assured. Check out other bar crawls online for other offerings.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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