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Top 5 Gin Bars

Top 5 Gin Barcelona
Written by heather

The Catalans know how to appreciate a well-made gin tonic; particularly the people of Barcelona. If you haven’t already noticed, the city is breaming with some eclectic and unique bars dedicated to this much loved drink. It may be a drink favoured the world over, but it’s in this city where you see the true passion for a quality gin. We have compiled a list of our top five favourite gin bars so you can judge for yourself.

Bobby Gin

C/ Francisco Giner, 47Top 5 Gin

A highly-regarded bar for its extensive selection of gins, you won’t be disappointed with what Bobby Gin has to offer. The bartenders aren’t just bartenders, they’re connoisseurs. Not only do they make a fantastic gin tonic, they also know how to serve up some mean cocktails. The decor is modern-minimal with hints of a classic cocktail bar.

Xixi Bar

C/ Rocafort, 19

Xixi claims to be the first gin bar in Barcelona, whether or not this is true, the bar sure has an established reputation. The quirky and awkward decor makes the place that bit more appealing with chairs and lizards attached to the wall. They also have a handful of their own infusion gins, which is definitely worth a try.

Top 5 GinUltramarinos

C/ De Sant Pau, 126

Hidden within the winding streets of El Raval, Ultramarinos is a bar dedicated to the classic Hendrick’s gin, although they have a large number of different types of brands and flavours, as well as a selection of their own home gins. Ultramarinos pride themselves on creating their own style gin tonics and cocktails, assuring they use the right flavours for each order.

The Lime House

C/ Carders, 31

Top 5 GinFound in El Born, The Lime House is the newest bar on our list, but don’t be put off by this. They have an expansive selection of homemade infusions. The back bar is stocked from top to bottom with any flavoured gin you can imagine. The choices vary between a wasabi gin and roast lamb to a classic bramble. They continuously change their gin menu, so you may never get bored. If this doesn’t convince you, they also have a kitchen which make some fantastic burgers.

La Royale

Plaça del Camp, 5

The bar is located further out of town, but if you feel like going on an adventure, make sure to stop off at La Royale. This gin bar can be best described as swanky: the modern furnishings are a nod towards the renowned British gin distilleries with Union Jacks scattered throughout the space and stag antlers on the wall. Their gin menu is divided into premium, ultra premium and limited edition drinks with a small selection of chocolate-flavoured gins. Don’t forget to order one of their gourmet burgers while you sip that perfect gin tonic.

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