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Let loose and learn burlesque

Written by Christine

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to tap into your sexy side, trying out a burlesque class might be the perfect opportunity for you! Burlesque offers you the opportunity to break out of your shell and perform without worries or inhibitions. This is a great way to build up your confidence, feel comfy in your own skin, and most importantly enjoy yourself. Let yourself be seduced by burlesque and join a class now!

Photo credit: markturnerimages via / CC BY

Photo credit: markturnerimages via / CC BY

Escuela Barcelona Burlesque Experience

If you’re looking to get a taste of burlesque than Escuela Barcelona Burlesque Experience is a great place to start. This studio offers classes and workshops in a number of different formats to fit your interests and schedule. The philosophy is that you should discover your inner freedom and attitude and let that shine to help you enjoy and discover life. Currently, you can sign up for an intensive summer course, weekend workshop, or a regular class for all levels. You can even try one class for free to see what burlesque is all about and to check out the atmosphere of the classes. If you’re looking to make your bachelorette party extra special, Escuela Barcelona offers a private group class for the party for €12.90 per person except the bride-to-be, who is free. This is a great idea for a ladies’ night out with friends that will make for an unforgettable experience!

Así Se Baila

Asi Se Baile offers classes of burlesque and cabaret, so you can learn both arts hand in hand. In these classes, you will discover your sensual side as you explore the steps, moves, and choreography of burlesque. Así Se Baila is a dance school located on Gran Vía with highly trained teachers with a love for dance and performing. When performing burlesque you will learn to more greatly love and appreciate your body as you practice the moves and learn new dances. You can contact the dance school to schedule a free cabaret and burlesque class to try it out and see the studio. You must wear comfortable clothes for dancing but that also make you feel attractive and sensual in addition to a pair of heels. In the class you will learn routines that incorporate a chair as well so you can easily practice and show off your moves later at home.

Photo credit: Steamroller productions via / CC BY

Photo credit: Steamroller productions via / CC BY

El Molino Barcelona

If you want to start burlesque with the intention of performing publicly, you should consider joining El Molino Barcelona, the best jazz/cabaret/burlesque club in the city. They offer a weekly class on Wednesdays in which you will learn the moves and then at the end of each quarter there is a performance by the students. The class is €270 per semester which includes the price of the class and performance. You will get top-notch training and classes are kept relatively small, no more than 15 students per class. You can also check out the Barcelona Burlesque Festival at El Molino which is taking place June 1st through the 16th. This is a great opportunity to see all that El Molino has to offer and get into burlesque!

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Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!

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